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17 Oct 2018 description
report REACH Initiative

Since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine and the partition of the Donbas region in 2014, more than one million people have been registered as internally displaced in the government controlled areas of the country. Ongoing fighting and the impact of the conflict on livelihoods and employment have pushed hundreds of thousands from their homes, greatly affecting the population dynamics of eastern Ukraine as a whole.

17 Oct 2018 description
interactive REACH Initiative
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17 Oct 2018 description


The recent influx of South Sudanese refugees into Uganda has reignited debate about the country’s refugee policy and, with it, discussions on the extent to which the “Ugandan model” can be implemented in other countries in Africa and around the world. Given the growing numbers of refugees globally, and the momentum surrounding the global compact on refugees and the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF), these are vital discussions.

17 Oct 2018 description

On 7 October, presidential elections in Cameroon were accompanied by electoral related violence in the anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest. The new violence is likely to have displaced more people, which would add to the estimated number of 246,000 that were displaced as of August 2018 since the beginning of the crisis in 2017. The newly displaced are likely to be in need of food, shelter, health and wash assistance.

Anticipated scope and scale

17 Oct 2018 description
  • Since the beginning of October, the Northern Department of La Guajira has been severely affected by heavy rain. According to UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), over 64 565 people (some 12 913 families) have been affected. The Regional Government has declared a state of emergency. President Ivan Duque visited the affected area on Saturday 13 October.
17 Oct 2018 description
report Insecurity Insight

Threats and violence affecting emergency care



22 September 2018: In Rajbiraj city, Saptari region, Sagarmatha zone, the emergency ward of the Gajendranarayan Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital was vandalized by locals who claimed that doctors had pronounced dead a child who was still living. Source: ACLED

Middle-East and North Africa


17 Oct 2018 description
  • The passage of Tropical cyclone LUBAN from 8 to 14 October has caused flooding in the coastal district of Al Maharah Governorate in Yemen and in several areas of the border with Oman.
  • According to media reports, as of 17 October, three people died, 33 are injured and 2 000 families were affected in Al-Maharah (Yemen).
  • Over the next 24 hours, moderate to locally heavy rain over south-west Yemen and the coastal governorates may continue to affect the country, including the areas already flooded.
17 Oct 2018 description
report Theirworld

Billy Briggs

Early learning classes at the homes of Sudanese youngsters are being provided by refugees trained as teachers.

Refugees in Chad are being trained as teachers to provide home learning to thousands of young children living in camps.

The eastern part of Chad hosts around 320,000 refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan, who fled their communities in 2003 due to the war that killed over 300,000 people.

Almost 15 years later, Darfur’s conflict has prevented thousands of families from returning.

17 Oct 2018 description

Based on the latest official data available as of September 2018, it is estimated that over 2.6 million Venezuelans live outside their country.

Over 186,800 asylum claims have been filed worldwide in 2018, surpassing the 2017-year end figure.
Peru has become the main country of asylum for Venezuelans.

IOM and UNHCR appointed Mr. Eduardo Stein as Joint Special Representative. Mr. Stein will be promoting a harmonized regional approach in coordination with governments and relevant actors.

17 Oct 2018 description

The Deyr 2018 rainy season started in some parts of the country during the last week of September and is yet to start in some parts of the country especially in the southern regions. Following the passage of Tropical Strom LUBAN, that made a landfall in Yemen on 14 October 2018, parts of the northern coastal areas of Puntland received light to moderate rains in the last two days. While LUBAN was a threat to the shipping line of Puntland, no damage has been associated with the storm inland of the country.

17 Oct 2018 description


  • Rapid assessment of immunization programme status in Sigi district has been completed.

  • There are 1793 health personnel on the ground, including 91 EMTs comprising of 855 healthcare volunteers. Fifteen hospitals and 50 primary health centers (PHC) are operational by national EMTs and volunteers. Eleven pharmacies in Palu and three pharmacies in Sigi are functional.

17 Oct 2018 description



The RPM tool manages data at the inter-cluster and cluster level, NOT at the level of individual partners. Partner-level planning and tracking is currently supported through OPS and 3W (to be replaced next year)

 Flexible framework structure. The tool is fully configurable to support context-specific planning and monitoring: customising the framework elements, the clusters (or other coordination structures), the number and type of indicators, monitoring periods, level of detail expected etc.

17 Oct 2018 description

The humanitarian programme cycle is at the heart of what OCHA does – and information is at the heart of the programme cycle.

The information services which enable the cycle are being transformed completely – seamlessly integrating needs indicators, response plans, projects, funding flows and monitoring of outcomes – to ensure effective coordination of humanitarian response.


17 Oct 2018 description

"The flood took everything away from us by destroying our house. We are in this situation because of the flood," says one girl

By Otto Simonsson

DHAKA, Oct 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Four years ago, when her family's home in central Bangladesh was washed away by floods, Pakhi and her family migrated to Dhaka to look for work.

But with many families arriving in an already overcrowded city, with jobs hard to find, and with the family struggling to eat, the teenager eventually took one of the few jobs available.

17 Oct 2018 description

DARGUE, Niger - Grappling with desert conditions, insurgency and decades of political instability, Niger has long struggled to feed its rapidly growing population. But experts say efforts to change that are bearing fruit - and may even be a model for the region.

Four out of five of Niger's people eke out a living through farming or fishing, yet three-quarters of the landlocked west African country on the southern edge of the Sahara is arid.