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30 Jun 1999 description
report IRIN

[IRIN report on anti-RCD rebel activities in eastern DRC]

30 Jun 1999 description
report IRIN

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Integrated Regional Information Network for Central and Eastern Africa
Tel: +254 2 622147
Fax: +254 2 622129

30 Jun 1999 description

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Vladimir Rakhmanin expressed concern on 29 June at what he termed increasingly frequent attempts by the leadership of the United Tajik Opposition to present ultimatums to the government, including on issues not covered in the 1997 peace agreement, ITAR-TASS reported. He said only "full compliance" with that agreement can guarantee a "comprehensive" settlement and provide for stability in Tajikistan.

30 Jun 1999 description

Pristina and Copenhagen, 30 June 1999

30 Jun 1999 description

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says Australia has made an important contribution to regional security through the resumption of high-level diplomatic talks with North Korea.

Senior diplomats from both countries met in Bangkok last week - the highest form of contact since diplomatic relations with North Korea were severed 24 years ago.

Mr Downer says the Australian officials stressed the importance of North Korea making progress on arms control and constructive engagement with South Korea.

He said any resumption of bilateral relations between Australia and North Korea would be …

30 Jun 1999 description

Organised Refugee Repatriation Commences to Kosovo

30 Jun 1999 description

Preliminary Findings, June 1999

Prepared by: The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
Prepared for: European Commission DG-XI - Environment, Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection


1. Executive Summary

Assessment Method:

29 Jun 1999 description

(In late May, Bill Frelick, editor of Refugee Reports, visited refugee camps in Iran and attended a symposium for nongovernmental organizations. He reports on issues affecting refugees in Iran, including Iranian plans to launch a large-scale repatriation of Afghan refugees.)
For the better part of the past twenty years, Afghan and Iraqi refugees have been free to move about Iran to find places to live and work, often at the margins, but still able to become self sufficient and to find a niche within Iranian society.

29 Jun 1999 description

During the two weeks to 25 June 1999 Iraq exported a total of 30.7 million barrels of crude oil for an estimated revenue of $437 million dollars. Since oil exports under Phase VI began on 1 June there have been 45.3 million barrels exported for an estimated revenue of $647 million. To date, about 50 per cent of loadings have been made at Ceyhan.

29 Jun 1999 description

Fears of Food Insecurity in Pastoral Districts of Kenya
An impending food crisis threatens Kenya’s northern and eastern pastoral districts (figure 1).

29 Jun 1999 description

(99-37) News Release

Ottawa -- The Government of Canada announced a number of initiatives today to address the threat of landmines and assist in the safe return of refugees to Kosovo. The initiatives include support for the establishment of a Mine Action Centre, de-mining efforts, providing assistance to victims of landmines, and raising mine awareness.

Canada, through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), will provide up to $5 million over three years to a Canadian Mine Action Program in Kosovo.

29 Jun 1999 description
report World Vision

Saving 'A lot of limbs and a lot of lives' Through Education

29 Jun 1999 description

Iran hosts more than 500,000 Iraqi refugees, about 350,000 of whom were expelled from Iraq at the time of the Iraq-Iran War because of their suspected Iranian origin, and have lived in the western region of Iran for almost two decades. In many cases, their citizenship is disputed by both Iran and Iraq, in effect, rendering many of them stateless. Those expellees who have been able to prove their family links to Iran have been granted Iranian citizenship, and the remainder have been issued green cards, which are comparable to the blue cards issued to Afghans (see p. 7).

29 Jun 1999 description
report World Bank

News Release No. 99/2279/ECA Contact: Gina Ciagne (202) 458-4166
To obtain project documents please contact the World Bank's Infoshop at tel: 202-458-5454, fax: 202-522-1500, email: pic@worldbank.org

29 Jun 1999 description

Eighteen countries have agreed to send police contingents to serve with the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), a UN spokesman said on Tuesday.

29 Jun 1999 description
report InterAction

Humanitarian Response for Kosovo Refugees
InterAction Disaster Response
NGO Contact: Stephen Hricik