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02 May 2001 description

A joint Government and UN Inter-Agency Rapid Village Assessment (RVA) was conducted from 23 - 25 April of villages in the Senafe sub-zone of Debub. The purpose of the assessment was to identify priority needs in villages in the Temporary Security Zone in anticipation of the imminent return of large numbers of residents who have been displaced, particularly since the third round of fighting broke out in May 2000.

02 May 2001 description

A joint Government and UN agencies conducted a Rapid Village Assessment (RVA) of Temporary Security Zone areas from 23 - 24 April in Adi-quala and Mai-Aini sub-zones of Debub region. 12 persons from UNICEF, UNDP, OCHA, ERREC, Local Administrators and UNMEE officers visited 6 of 7 villages planned to be assessed within the two sub-zones using Rapid Village Assessment form to collect information.

01 May 2001 description

An assessment team, consisting of staff from ERREC, OCHA, UNICEF, UNDP/Power, and UNMEE/CIMIC, accompanied by local civil administrators, visited villages and towns in Tsorona sub-zone of Debub on 1 May 2001. Initially, 16 villages were prioritized for assessment within the sub-zone. However, due to security concerns related to the presence of mines and UXOs, a total of 7 villages were finally visited. One of the villages assessed, Kudo Waiba, was not included in the preliminary list (a complete list of villages initially prioritized and those assessed is attached).

30 Apr 2001 description

An assessment team, consisting of staff from ERREC, OCHA, UNICEF, and UNMEE/CIMIC visited the village of Debay Sima in Southern Denkelia sub-zone of the Southern Red Sea zone on 30 April 2001. It was initially determined that a second village in the area, Musa Ali, should also be assessed, however due to time constrains and an initial lack of information regarding the presence of mines, the village was not visited.

01 Mar 2001 description

Rapid Appraisal Mission to TSZ,
On 1 March 2001, a rapid appraisal of the humanitarian situation in Senafe (Debub Zone / UNMEE Central Sector), Shambuko and Tokombiya (Gash Barka Zone / UNMEE Western Sector) took place. The rapid, one-day appraisal was facilitated by helicopter and was conducted by UN Resident/Humanitarian Co-ordinator, OCHA, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WFP, WHO, World Bank, Deputy SRSG and CIMIC.


29 Sep 2000 description

Following discussions with the Eritrean Humanitarian Demining project and regional and local military commanders The HALO Trust survey teams gained access to Omhajer town in Gash Barka Zone on 29 September for a period of two hours.

29 Sep 2000 description

Mr. Ibrahim Said, Director General, Relief and Logistics, ERREC
Ms. Simone Wolken, Deputy Country Team Leader, UNHCR Eritrea
Dr. Melanie Mason, USAID / OFDA
Mr. M. A. Farah, OCHA / ICC
Ms. Wendy Rappeport, UNHCR
Mr. Gebreyesus Weldemichael, ERREC
Ms. Zufan Zerai, ERREC