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15 Jan 2019 description


According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 were the four hottest years on record since 1880 (NOAA, 2018; WMO, 2018). Such rising temperatures are expected to affect agricultural systems significantly and also strain food production (WEF, 2018). It is critical for the 2.5 billion people worldwide depending on agriculture and its subsectors – i.e. crop, livestock, fisheries and forestry − as their main source of livelihoods (FAO, 2017).

17 Dec 2018 description

Following the positive reception of OCHA’s set of 250 public domain humanitarian icons in 2012, the organization is releasing an extended and completely redesigned new collection in 2018 (295 and counting).

The original suite was developed because at OCHA we understand that during the response to an emergency it is critical to share and understand complex information in a timely fashion. Icons — with their easily accessible, universal visual language — are vital to achieve this.

05 Dec 2018 description
report Germanwatch

Who suffers Most from Extreme Weather Events? Weather-related Loss Events in 2017 and 1998 to 2017

The Global Climate Risk Index 2019 analyses to what extent countries and regions have been affected by impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.). The most recent data available — for 2017 and from 1998 to 2017 — were taken into account.

The countries and territories affected most in 2017 were Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka as well as Dominica. For the period from 1998 to 2017 Puerto Rico, Honduras and Myanmar rank highest.

09 Nov 2018 description

Message from our Regional Director

Despite numerous humanitarian challenges in 2017 in Africa, there were also a number of heart-warming accomplishments. A case in point, was when a local response of Red Crescent teams—and other partners—curbed Somalia's cholera outbreak through the power of local volunteers and shared international expertise. In terms of support to our members, 36 National Societies were able to kick start initiatives that built their capacity through seed grants.

24 Oct 2018 description
report Start Network
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A revolution in aid: Start Network releases 2017 Annual Report

Start Network, a global network of aid agencies, has today published its first annual report showcasing its collective efforts to revolutionise the humanitarian aid system.

24 Oct 2018 description

15 October 2018, Dushanbe – Within 2017, 720 cases of avalanches, 41 mudflow and 23 landslides have been registered in Tajikistan, the Committee of Emergency Situation under the Government of Tajikistan (CoES) reports during an interview organized by the UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme to mark the International Day for Disaster Reduction. According to the CoES mudslides and floods are the top hazards causing the most significant damage to the national economy.

24 Oct 2018 description
report Direct Relief

Evacuations taking place in Sinaloa state as coastline braces for winds and flooding.

By Cydney Justman

Hurricane Willa weakened overnight to a Category 3 storm, but the hurricane could still bring devastating storm surge, wind and rain to Mexico’s Pacific Coast, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center. The storm is expected to make landfall south of Mazatlan on Tuesday evening, and evacuations have been taking place in low-lying areas of Sinaloa state to protect residents from potential flooding.

11 Oct 2018 description
report World Bank



A massive storm system brought historic flooding across South Eastern Europe in 2014, causing more than $2 billion in damages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and shrinking Serbia’s economy by nearly a full percent. Two years later, in August 2016, thunderstorms in the Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) of Macedonia dropped 93 liters of precipitation per square meter in just a few hours, sparking flash floods in the capital, Skopje, that killed at least 21 people.

10 Oct 2018 description

Message from the WFP Representative

2017 marked another year of progress for Bangladesh. The country met the Least Developed Country (LDC) graduation requirements for the first time, meaning that LDC graduation could be formalized as soon as 2021. Bangladesh moved up in the Human Development Index rankings (to 142). GDP growth for 2017 was an impressive 7.3 percent. The Government of Bangladesh has shown strong commitment to development and has the results to show for it, as a member of lower middle-income countries since 2016, according to the World Bank.

01 Oct 2018 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

In the early hours of 14th August, torrential rains caused parts of Mount Sugar Loaf, a range of hills surrounding Freetown, to slide into the Regent Village vicinity. This led to heavy loss of life and property at the epicentre and downstream at Juba, Lumley, Kaningo/Kamayama axis.

19 Sep 2018 description
report ACTED

ACTED is connecting bordering communities in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to encourage mutual learning, preparation and reaction to disasters.

Two countries with similar disaster risk challenges

16 Aug 2018 description

By Zoe Tabary

LONDON, Aug 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sierra Leone's capital Freetown must tackle deforestation, poor housing and decrepit drainage if it is to prevent the next disaster, its mayor said one year after a devastating mudslide killed an estimated 1,000 people and left thousands of others homeless.

Rapid urbanisation in the growing city is driving residents to claim "any trees and land they can find" to build homes, making landslides and flooding more likely in times of heavy rain, said Freetown Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyerr.

16 Aug 2018 description

Certain events in our lives are so momentous that we shall always remember where we were and what we did when those events occurred. Many of us will surely remember where we were in the early hours of 14 August 2017, when we received the news of the mudslide in Regent. It turned out to be one of the worst natural disaster in Africa in recent years, and there is no doubt that the impact on the individuals affected and on the community was both dramatic and profound.

12 Jul 2018 description

“Estos espacios nos permiten fortalecer el sentido de lo público, facilitar el ejercicio del control social a la gestión pública y contribuir al desarrollo de los principios constitucionales de transparencia, responsabilidad, eficacia, eficiencia, imparcialidad y participación ciudadana en el manejo de los recursos públicos” afirmó Carlos Iván Márquez Pérez - Director General de la UNGRD durante la instalación del evento.

15 May 2018 description

14/MAYO/2018.-La Secretaría para Asuntos de Vulnerabilidad y Dirección General de Protección Civil e instituciones que conforman la Comisión Nacional de Protección Civil, presentaron el Plan Invernal 2018, cuyo objetivo es garantizar la preparación y atención de los riesgos generados por la época lluviosa y brindar el servicio público de Protección Civil a toda la población que pueda verse afectada, mediante la coordinación interinstitucional, intersectorial y multidisciplinaria, que permita garantizar la vida e integridad física de las personas; así como la seguridad de …

10 May 2018 description

By Chris Weeks

Bangkok, 10 May 2018 - China has transformed its approach to reducing disaster risk following the devastating Sichuan earthquake ten years ago, with citizens including school children more protected and prepared than ever.  

The 7.9 magnitude quake hit the county of Wenchuan on 12th May 2008, leaving nearly 90,000 dead or missing, hundreds of thousands injured and millions affected.

02 May 2018 description
report Government of Peru

Desde el mediodía a la medianoche se esperan lluvias de moderada a fuerte intensidad en Loreto

Desde este mediodía se prevé la ocurrencia de lluvias de moderada a fuerte intensidad en la selva norte, principalmente en el departamento de Loreto, las mismas que vendrían acompañadas de descargas eléctricas, informó el SENAMHI al Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia Nacional (COEN).

Lima: Bomberos extinguen incendio forestal ocurrido en distrito de Mala en la víspera

23 Apr 2018 description
report Government of Peru

Amazonas: Se restablece tránsito en carretera Fernando Belaunde Terry tras deslizamiento en distrito de Jazán

El tránsito volvió a la normalidad en la carretera Fernando Belaunde Terry, a la altura del kilómetro 281+500, en la localidad de Pedro Ruiz, perteneciente al distrito de Jazán, provincia de Bongará (Amazonas), tras el deslizamiento ocurrido el último 16 de abril a consecuencia de las intensas lluvias en la zona, informó el INDECI al COEN.

Puno: Un día “muy lluvioso” se registró en Pucará en las últimas 24 horas