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20 Apr 2018 description

Vitacura, 17 de Abril de 2018.- En el marco de la implementación de la Oficina de País para el “Plan de Continuidad de las Operaciones” (BCP por su sigla en inglés), la Representación de OPS/OMS en Chile ha adquirido equipamiento para la mantención de la cooperación en caso de emergencias y desastres que pudiesen afectar la funcionalidad de la estructura o de las líneas básicas, principalmente de electricidad.

13 Apr 2018 description
  • Mareógrafo en la Isla del Coco alertará posibles tsunamis para el país.
  • Transmisión de datos será en tiempo real.

Desde marzo, los costarricenses tenemos un nuevo aliado en la alerta de tsunamis. Está a 532 kilómetros, a unas 36 horas en lancha, se trata de un moderno mareógrafo instalado en la Isla del Coco.

10 Apr 2018 description


• Countries in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region experience a range of natural hazards, including droughts, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, and volcanoes. El Niño and La Niña phenomena occur periodically, exacerbating the impacts of hydrometeorological events in the LAC region. Unplanned urban expansion, environmental and natural resource degradation, and land-use management challenges also increase populations’ vulnerability and exposure to natural hazards.

08 Apr 2018 description

06 April 2018

Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Akdağ said: ”We must take measures against tsunami waves that are triggered by earthquakes in addition to our preparations against possible earthquakes.”

Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ listed his observations concerning damages and reconstruction projects carried out in Sendai that was hit by earthquake and tsunami disasters in 2001 as a part of his contacts during his Japan visit.

07 Apr 2018 description

A series of tsunami drills was kicked off today in Galle, Sri Lanka to raise awareness about the tsunami risks and importance of schools’ tsunami preparedness. The first tsunami drill mobilized 2,500 students of Vidyaloka Madya Maha Vidyalaya school and was conducted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Disaster Management, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka Navy, Red Cross and school development societies.

06 Apr 2018 description

On 13 March 2018, over 1,000 Palestine refugee students from four UNRWA schools in Khan Younis, Gaza, gathered to fly kites of hope in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the most powerful earthquake ever recorded to hit Japan. For the seventh year, messages of continued empathy and solidarity soared into the skies of Gaza. The Kites of Hope festival was held at the Khan Younis Training Centre in southern Gaza. UNRWA Director of Operations (DUO) in Gaza, Mr. Matthias Schmale, the Ambassador for Palestinian Affairs and Representative of Japan to Palestine, Mr.

03 Apr 2018 description
report Government of Peru

Nivel y caudal de río Huallaga continúa incrementándose debido a presencia de lluvias en la selva

Los niveles de agua y caudales en el río Huallaga en sus diferentes estaciones, se incrementó en las últimas horas debido a la intensificación de las lluvias que vienen ocurriendo, principalmente en la zona central del país, informó el SENAMHI al COEN.

Región San Martín soportó por segundo día consecutivo las lluvias más significativas del país

03 Apr 2018 description
report Government of Peru


El Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil – INDECI en coordinación con el Comité de Radio han conformado una alianza público – privada para implementar un sistema de alerta temprana a través de las principales radioemisoras del país ante la ocurrencia de emergencias generadas por fenómenos naturales como son los sismos y tsunamis.

30 Mar 2018 description

When a disaster such as a flood, earthquake or typhoon strikes, local communities are the first to respond to rescue those in peril and to provide support and assistance to those in need. Often, the international community will also respond, by providing humanitarian assistance and expertise. However, there is no such thing as a “natural” disaster. Disasters occur when a natural hazard overwhelms a vulnerable community. Therefore, reducing individual and community vulnerabilities while strengthening their resilience is the core of disaster risk reduction (DRR).

30 Mar 2018 description

“Disasters do not strike departments or committees, they strike communities. In the long run we will not be successful in reducing risks if our laws merely distribute responsibilities among dedicated agencies and expert groups.”

What is International Disaster Law?

International disaster law (IDL) focuses on the legal issues arising from the preparation for, response to and recovery from different natural hazards, such as earthquakes or storms, as well as human-made disasters such as large-scale industrial accidents.

30 Mar 2018 description

More people are seeking to find out about the earthquake and tsunami hazards and how they should get prepared.

That is the assessment of Director of the Department of Emergency Management, Kerry Hinds, as she gave a summary of the month-long activities to mark Tsunami and Earthquake Smart Month, themed: Road to Tsunami Recognition.

26 Mar 2018 description

The tsunami risk in the region is real and should be taken seriously.

And, Director of the Department of Emergency Management (DEM), Kerry Hinds, has emphasised the need for public education and outreach programmes throughout communities in Barbados.

She made these comments last Friday during the unveiling of Barbados’ third Tsunami Smart Sign, which was erected in the Sherman’s, St. Lucy community.

24 Mar 2018 description

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what does it take to raise a village into a tsunami-ready community? In 2017, the Caribbean Tsunami Information Centre (CTIC) of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) made considerable progress to improve early warning systems, public awareness and preparedness in the region thanks to a €80,000 contribution from the Kingdom of Netherlands.

20 Mar 2018 description

NASSAU, The Bahamas - The Bahamas, through the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, participated in a regional simulation Tsunami Readiness Exercise “CaribeWave 18” on Thursday, March 15.

The Tsunami exercise is conducted yearly in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands under the direction of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) in Hawaii.

16 Mar 2018 description

Friday, 16th March 2018 – Training Officer, at the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) Ms. Carishma Hicks said that CARIBE WAVE 18 provided an opportunity for the Territory to test its tsunami warning systems, contingency plans, and promote tsunami preparedness.

16 Mar 2018 description

Panamá participa en el simulacro de tsunami "Caribe Wave" 2018.

Panamá, 15 de marzo 2018. - Panamá es uno de los 31 países que participan del simulacro regional de Tsunami ¨Caribe Wave¨, ejercicio internacional que busca medir la capacidad de respuesta de los organismos de emergencia y seguridad antes, durante y después de un tsunami, con la finalidad de minimizar su impacto y el costo de vidas humanas.

15 Mar 2018 description

Bermuda will join other localities in the Caribbean as a participant in a tsunami response exercise on March 15, 2018, titled CARIBE WAVE 18. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate local tsunami response plans, increase tsunami preparedness, and improve coordination throughout the region. The Bermuda Weather Service will receive direct email messaging from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center during the exercise, simulating a similar process to that of a real event.