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16 Nov 2018 description

Employees of the Ministry of Education at the Ministry’s Head Office, St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain have demonstrated tremendous kindness and support for their colleagues who suffered losses due to flooding during the weekend of October 20th, 2018.

The MOE staff contributed approximately twenty five (25) flood relief hampers which were distributed by the Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education and Permanent Secretary, Lenor Baptiste-Simmons in a simple ceremony on Monday 12th November, 2018.

15 Nov 2018 description

El Comité de Alertas de la Comisión Permanente de Contingencias (Copeco) determinó pasar a ALERTA AMARILLA por 48 horas a los departamentos de ATLÁNTIDA, COLÓN e ISLAS DE LA BAHÍA a partir de las 5:00 de la tarde de este miércoles 14 de noviembre.

Según el Centro Nacional de Estudios Atmosféricos, Oceanográficos y Sísmicos (Cenaos) de Copeco, el empuje de aire frío que ingresó al Caribe hondureño la tarde de hoy miércoles incrementará el oleaje con olas de 5 a 7, además generará lluvias fuertes la madrugada del jueves 15 de noviembre.

12 Nov 2018 description


Official Sources:

Severe Weather

12 Nov 2018 description

The Consumer Affairs Division of the Ministry of Trade and Industry as part of its mandate to ensure fair pricing in the marketplace has been monitoring the prices of items at supermarkets in Trinidad. A review of supermarket prices prior to, and following the flooding in October 2018 has revealed that the vast majority of prices of items remained the same. During the exercise it was noted that very few price increases were observed but these were determined to be normal changes and not necessarily because of the action by merchants in response to floods.

12 Nov 2018 description

Este fenómeno natural ha disminuido a niveles aceptables.

La Coordinación Nacional de Protección Civil de la Secretaría de Gobernación dio a conocer hoy el aviso de término de la Declaratoria de Emergencia que se emitió el pasado 22 de octubre de 2018, a través del boletín de prensa 367/18, para el municipio de Arriaga del estado de Chiapas, por la presencia de lluvia severa ocurrida el día 19 de octubre de 2018.

12 Nov 2018 description

Para los municipios de Acayucan, Jáltipan, Tatahuicapan de Juárez, San Juan Evangelista, Tlacotalpan y Amatitlán del estado de Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave, por la presencia de lluvia severa, vientos fuertes e inundación fluvial, fenómenos ocurridos del 16 al 20 de octubre de 2018.

11 Nov 2018 description

Natural Disasters Update: Drought IDP Overview:


Following verification, profiling and mapping by DRC, NRC, UNHCR and IOM in designated settlements and on-going response so far; following is the updated figure of the displaced families in 10 settlements;

• 21,086 families verified in 10 settlements

• 9,103 families have received NFIs and 3,111 families have received emergency shelter from IOM, UNHCR, IFRC, DRC, IRC and NRC

09 Nov 2018 description
  1. Fuertes lluvias en centroamérica causan muertes y daños a los medios de vida

  2. Inundaciones, un huracán y una tormenta tropical azotaron varias áreas de México en Octubre

  3. Inundaciones en el noreste de Colombia han afectado a más de 64,000 personas

  4. Fuerte sismo en el norte de Haití dejó a cientos de personas heridas y causó daño a miles de casas

  5. Trinidad y Tobago recibe el equivalente de un mes de lluvias en un periodo de dos días, causando inundaciones masivas en casi todo el país

09 Nov 2018 description
  1. Intense flooding throughout Central America has caused losses to livelihoods and lives

  2. Flooding, a tropical cyclone and a tropical storm battered various areas of Mexico throughout October

  3. Flooding in northeastern Colombia has affected more than 64,000 people

  4. Strong earthquake in northern Haiti damages thousands of homes, injures hundreds

  5. Trinidad and Tobago was withstood a month’s worth of rainfall in the span of two days, triggering mass floods

09 Nov 2018 description

Message from our Regional Director

Despite numerous humanitarian challenges in 2017 in Africa, there were also a number of heart-warming accomplishments. A case in point, was when a local response of Red Crescent teams—and other partners—curbed Somalia's cholera outbreak through the power of local volunteers and shared international expertise. In terms of support to our members, 36 National Societies were able to kick start initiatives that built their capacity through seed grants.

08 Nov 2018 description


On 18-19 October 2018, Trinidad and Tobago experienced torrential rainfall across the country. According to Government officials, Trinidad alone received a full month’s worth of rain during the two days, with estimates that 80 per cent of the country was affected by flooding. Floods and landslides affected communities and public services and blocked main roads. Central and eastern regional corporations were the most affected, namely Chaguanas Borough, Couva-Tabaquite -Talparo, Mayaro-Rio Claro, Sangre Grande and Tunapuna (Flash Note No. 1).

08 Nov 2018 description
report ACT Alliance

On the morning of Monday 10 September 2018, the district of Dsegh (Lori) and Arapi, Voskehask and Harij (Shirak) in mountainous regions in Armenia, sudden heavy rainfalls and hailstorms swept away 130ha of crop in Dsegh, 185,8 ha - Arapi, 28,2ha- Voskehask, and 64,29ha - Harij villages. The dwellers lost 70 – 80% of their crop. Local authorities have declared these regions in state of emergency due to the damages caused by the natural hazard and asked national and international organizations for support to the affected population.

02 Nov 2018 description

The Honourable Camille Robinson-Regis, Minister of Planning and Development has secured further financial support in the form of Grant Funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) towards emergency relief efforts for communities affected by recent flooding in October. This follows the grant of US $200,000.00 from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) through the utilisation of the Emergency Response Grant under the CDB’s Disaster Management Strategy and Operational Guidelines.

31 Oct 2018 description

This bulletin is being issued for information only, and reflects the current situation and details available at this time. The Italian Red Cross (ItRC) is responding to the needs of the affected people, and coordinating closely with government authorities. ItRC is currently responding using its own resources.

The situation

31 Oct 2018 description

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, October 31, 2018. CCRIF SPC (formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility) announced today that for the second year in a row, Trinidad & Tobago received a payout on its Excess Rainfall policy following a period of heavy rainfall in October. The Government received a payout of US$2,534,550 (approximately TT$17 million) due to heavy rains between October 18 and 20 2018.

30 Oct 2018 description

Posted By: lstevens

A new disaster risk reduction micro-insurance mechanism designed to protect the income of persons most vulnerable to weather related incidents is to be introduced in the Territory.

The Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP) is a weather index-based micro-insurance introduced by the Climate Risk Adaptation & Insurance in the Caribbean (CRAIC) project. Persons targeted include fishermen, farmers, taxi operators and other small business owners whose livelihoods were severely impacted by the 2017 disasters.