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10 Dec 2018 description
report The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Fri, December 7, 2018 | 08:38 pm

A 5.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Lebak District in Banten on Friday at 6:43 a.m., the fifth tremor of above 4-magnitude in the area this year.

The earthquake was located around 83 kilometers southwest of Lebak at a depth of 19 km, according to the Lebak Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD).

“So far, we haven't received any reports of casualties or damage to infrastructure caused by the earthquake," Lebak BPBD Madias said as quoted by Antara news agency, adding that the earthquake was relatively small.

10 Dec 2018 description
report The Kathmandu Post

Dec 9, 2018-


One thousand eight hundred and eighty-one people in Makwanpur district, who were displaced by the 2015 earthquake, do not own a land for rebuilding their homes, according to the District Project Implementation Unit of National Reconstruction Authority (NRA).

Somraj Timalsina, chief of the District Project Implementation Unit, said 527 families in Hetauda Sub Metropolis, 796 families in Bakaiya Rural Municipality, 35 families in Bagmati Rural Municipality and 523 families in Manahari Rural Municipality do not possess land.

09 Dec 2018 description


The Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE) has been a gamechanger for WHO. It allows WHO to respond rapidly to disease outbreaks and health emergencies - often in 24 hours or less. This saves lives and helps prevent unnecessary suffering. Furthermore, a quick response dramatically reduces the costs of controlling outbreaks and emergencies, as well as the wider social and economic impacts.

07 Dec 2018 description

At today’s high-level pledging event for the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), 41 donors announced record pledges of US$439 million for 2019 and additional contributions for 2018, ensuring a record level of funding of $554 million to CERF for this year.

07 Dec 2018 description

UN Headquarters, New York, 7 December 2018

As delivered

Secretary-General António Guterres, Excellencies and Ministers, distinguished guests,

Thank you for coming. One year ago, we had an excellent fundraising for CERF, and today we’re hoping to do even better. That’s up to all of you.

126 Member States and observers have contributed to the CERF.

This year, we have seen an unprecedented demand.

07 Dec 2018 description

Almost four months after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Lombok, thousands of people continue to live in makeshift shelters and are looking at continued support during the rainy season up ahead. A powerful quake hit the Indonesian island on 29 July 2018, leaving thousands in disarray.

06 Dec 2018 description

The objective of this report is to make recommendations for the Government of Saint Lucia (GoSL) for the formulation of a country-specific comprehensive disaster risk finance (DRF) strategy, based on the assessment of the legislative, financial management, fiscal, and insurance market environment in Saint Lucia.

06 Dec 2018 description
report El Comercio

Fabián Maisanche

A tres meses del temblor en Cumandá (Chimborazo), la ayuda no llega a los cantones afectados en Bolívar. Los cuatro hijos de Dolores Quinatoa improvisaron un cuarto y cocina en lo que fue el patio de su casa, ubicada en el céntrico barrio Santa Rita, de Chillanes. Utilizaron ocho maderos viejos como pilares.

Los plásticos, costales y una carpa donada por la Cruz Roja sirven como paredes y techo de la cocina.

06 Dec 2018 description

Schools and houses on Vanuatu's southernmost island of Aneityum were damaged when a tsunami hit after yesterday's 7.5 earthquake off New Caledonia.

Read more on Radio New Zealand International.

05 Dec 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


• 121,298 people have gained access to safe drinking water.

• Hygiene promotion sessions have been carried out in 21 IDP camps with over 800 participants.

• 1,389,626 children have been vaccinated against measles and rubella.

• 1,015 pregnant and lactating women have received counselling on Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) practices and 93 health care and non-health care workers were trained in Infant Feeding in Emergency.

• 12,000 children received psychosocial support at 10 child friendly spaces.

05 Dec 2018 description
  • A strong earthquake of 7.5 M at a depth of 10 km occurred in the south-west Pacific Ocean close to New Caledonia (special collectivity of France, total population 245 580) on 5 December at 4.18 UTC. The epicentre was located offshore 165 km south-east of La Roche (Maré Island, Loyalty Islands, east of New Caledonia) and 315 km east of Nouméa (Grande Terre Island, New Caledonia). Moderate shaking was felt by up to 3 000 people.

  • The main earthquake was followed by a series of aftershocks, ranging between 5.6 M and 6.6 M at a depth of 10 km, until 6.43 UTC.

05 Dec 2018 description

NOAA / National Weather Service
U.S. Tsunami Warning System



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04 Dec 2018 description

El Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales informa sobre la generación de una serie sísmica localizada al norte de la ciudad de Santa Tecla, en el departamento de La Libertad.

La Red Sísmica Nacional de El Salvador ha registrado entre las 02:27 p.m. y las 04:30 p.m. del día lunes 03 de diciembre de 2018, un total de ocho sismos. El área epicentral está ubicada aproximadamente a 5 kilómetros al norte de la ciudad de Santa Tecla, en el departamento de La Libertad. Del total de sismos registrados tres han sido reportados como sentidos por la población de Santa Tecla.

04 Dec 2018 description
report Theirworld

The Central Asian country is prone to natural disasters - so a programme to make its schools safer is crucial.

Earthquakes are a constant threat in the Kyrgyz Republic. The Central Asian country experiences more than 300 of them every year.

On top of that, it is also prone to a variety of other natural events, including landslides, mudflows, avalanches and floods caused by glacial lakes spilling over.

All of that leaves many of the 3200-plus schools and preschools - and their 1.5 million students - vulnerable to damage.

04 Dec 2018 description

Global trends and challenges

More than 1 per cent of people across the planet right now are caught up in major humanitarian crises. The international humanitarian system is more effective than ever at meeting their needs – but global trends including poverty, population growth and climate change are leaving more people than ever vulnerable to the devastating impacts of conflicts and disasters.

04 Dec 2018 description
report The Kathmandu Post


Students of Dhaneshwori Secondary School at Chaku in Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok district, organised a protest rally on Monday, demanding the Mid-Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project to build a new school building, as it had pledged after the 2015 earthquake.

The school’s old building was heavily damaged in the Earthquake of April 2015. The students have been studying under a temporary learning centre for the past three years as the government has failed to build a new building for the school.

04 Dec 2018 description

CWS received 3,000 collapsible jerry cans, 2,750 mosquito nets, 6,000 mats and 4,000 solar lamps from UNHCR to share with affected families……

The earthquake and tsunami on September 28, 2018 - and the resulting land liquefaction and landslides - killed 2,101 people. Palu was the worst-affected area: more than 1,700 people died there. Search and rescue operations were stopped on October 12; according to Indonesia’s national disaster management agency, at least 1,075 people are still reported missing.

04 Dec 2018 description

TEHRAN, Dec. 2 (IRCS) _ Under-Secretary General of International Affairs and International Humanitarian Law of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Davood Bagheri said the Society’s food and medicine supplies would be sent to Yemeni people through the United Nations (UN).