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23 Feb 2018 description

Having fled violence, tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees living in camps in Cox's Bazar face great risks from the upcoming monsoon season, due to start in a matter of weeks.

"The refugees are living in precarious conditions. Their shelters are on hillsides which will turn to mud when the heavy rains arrive," said Zoë Corden, CAFOD's Emergency Response Officer, who is in Cox's Bazar supporting the emergency response.

11 Oct 2016 description

As a clearer picture emerges of the devastation caused in Haiti by Hurricane Matthew, we have pledged £75,000 to support the vital humanitarian relief efforts of our Caritas partners.

The UN estimates that around 900 people have died after the storm devastated Haiti last week. With winds of up to 145mph, floods and landslides destroyed tens of thousands of homes and left some 350,000 people in need of life-saving emergency aid.

Giovanna Reda, CAFOD’s Head of Humanitarian for Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, said:

10 Dec 2014 description

What has happened?

Typhoon Hagupit – known locally as “Ruby” – made landfall near Dolores in the north of Eastern Samar on Saturday 6 December, with sustained winds of up to 170 kph. It then crossed Samar island, travelled through the vicinity of Calbayog City and made landfall in Masbate on Sunday, before weakening and continuing west across the Philippines.

08 Dec 2014 description

CAFOD’s Church partners are distributing relief supplies and assessing the damage caused by Typhoon Hagupit.

Donate to our Emergency work>>

As Typhoon Hagupit continues to move across the Philippines, our partners have reported large waves in coastal areas, flooding and landslides, as well as high winds destroying homes and trees. However, the typhoon appears to have had a less severe impact than Typhoon Haiyan, which tore apart the lives of 14 million people last year.

22 Oct 2014 description

Humanitarian partnerships between national and international organisations are a long-established means of responding to humanitarian need. As long ago as 1994 the NGO/Red Cross Code of Conduct emphasised the importance of working collaboratively with national organisations, and in 2007 the Principles of Partnership outlined best practice in humanitarian partnership working.

09 May 2014 description

In the six months since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, your donations have helped tens of thousands of families to rebuild their lives.

The typhoon that hit the Philippines on 8 November 2013 was one of the most powerful ever to make landfall. It tore apart the communities of more than 14 million people and left at least five million homeless.

02 May 2014 description

Imagine the strongest storm you’ve ever known and then multiply it many times over. Imagine winds so powerful that they knock down concrete houses. Imagine shouting prayers at the top of your voice, but not being able to hear what’s coming out of your mouth over the howling wind.

When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in November, ten-year-old Honeyrea was taking shelter in a gymnasium on Leyte island, along with her family and other members of the community. It was an experience she will never forget.

10 Feb 2014 description

In the three months since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, you have helped us deliver food, water, shelter and emergency supplies to tens of thousands of people in urgent need.

The typhoon that hit the Philippines on 8 November 2014 was one of the most powerful ever to make landfall. It tore apart the lives of more than 14 million people and left at least five million homeless.

You have responded with amazing generosity to our Philippines Typhoon Haiyan appeal, donating more than £4.7 million in the first three months.

28 Nov 2013 description

Catholics in England and Wales have responded with enormous generosity to our Philippines Typhoon Haiyan appeal, donating more than £1 million so far - even before most of the weekend's parish collections have been added.

Your donations are making a huge difference, helping our local Church partners to deliver aid quickly to those who need it most.

With support from CAFOD and other Catholic agencies around the world, our partner Caritas Philippines has provided food packs for 345,000 people across the country.

18 Nov 2013 description

CAFOD has given an initial £250,000 to provide vital humanitarian aid to survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. The funds will go to CAFOD’s local Caritas church partners to meet the immediate needs for food, clean water, shelter, medical supplies and sanitation.

14 Nov 2013 description

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Despite the challenges, our partners are delivering aid to those who need it most

Thanks to your remarkable response to our appeal, our partner Caritas Philippines has been delivering aid to thousands of survivors of Typhoon Haiyan since Sunday, working through local parishes.

11 Nov 2013 description

International aid agency CAFOD says the Catholic Church in the Philippines will play a vital role in responding to the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan

The so-called “super-typhoon” has been described as the most powerful storm ever to make landfall, striking the central Philippines on Friday 8th November with sustained winds of 235 kph.

11 Nov 2013 description

Typhoon Haiyan – known locally as Yolanda – swept across the Philippines on Friday with winds of up to 235 kph, leaving a trail of massive destruction in its wake.

With power still down in many areas, the full extent of the damage is not yet known, but officials in the Philippines have estimated that 10,000 people were killed in one province alone.

The typhoon was one of the strongest ever to make landfall, flattening thousands of houses, and destroying schools and an airport in the eastern city of Tacloban.

08 Nov 2013 description

Typhoon Haiyan – known locally as Yolanda – struck the central Philippines on Friday with winds of up to 320 kph, forcing millions of people to take refuge in emergency shelters.

The so-called “super-typhoon” is the strongest storm to hit the Pacific this year, and is likely to cause flash flooding, landslides and damage to homes.

CAFOD has pledged an initial £50,000 to respond. The agency will work with its local partner National Secretariat for Social Action and with Catholic Relief Services to deliver aid to those most in need.

17 Oct 2013 description

We have committed an initial £50,000 to respond immediately to Cyclone Phailin, which caused devastation in India this weekend.

The huge cyclone was the worst to hit India for more than a decade, with winds of up to 130 mph, torrential rain and a storm surge of over three metres. At least eight million people have been affected, and more than 870,000 people were evacuated from their homes in Odisha state alone.

16 May 2013 description

As Tropical Storm Mahasen hits Bangladesh, our emergency team is ready to respond.

Tropical Storm Mahasen is beginning to hit the south coast of Bangladesh, with heavy rain and winds of up to 60 km/h. People are bracing themselves for flash flooding and widespread damage to buildings and farmland.

Our longstanding local partner Caritas Bangladesh has put more than 5,000 trained volunteers on standby, and ensured that stocks of emergency aid will be available as soon as they are needed.

Dr Kate Crowley, our Disaster Risk Reduction Adviser, said:

08 Jan 2013 description

“On the day of the earthquake, my wife was in our tin house, and she ran out as fast as she could with the children,” says Bernard Doussous.

“The house was completely crushed. After that we slept outside for seven days. We lost everything – our belongings and all our official documents.”

04 Jan 2013 description

We are continuing to support the Haitian people as they recover from one of the most devastating earthquakes in recent history.

Haiti earthquake: your questions answered>>

The earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010 killed an estimated 230,000 people, and forced more than a million from their homes.

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, we launched our Haiti earthquake appeal. You raised a remarkable £5.3 million, which has provided:

25 Aug 2012 description

Haiti has been hit by a major tropical storm, which has caused heavy flooding, landslides and severe damage to buildings.

Sarah Marsh, our Emergency Response Officer for Haiti, is flying out to support our partners as they respond to the disaster. She said: “We’re very concerned about the damage this storm has caused. We’ve been working with local engineers to build houses that should withstand storms like this one – but there are still nearly 400,000 people living in tents, as well as many more living in ramshackle housing.