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24 Dec 2018 description


The Public Nutrition Directorate (PND) of The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and their partners have for the last two years (2015 -2017) focused on strengthening the monitoring and reporting of nutrition supply chain activities within the country to ensure efficient and effective management of end-to-end supply chain activities.

19 Dec 2018 description


What are the key lessons or best practices regarding local governance in conflict contexts similar to South Sudan? Although no two conflicts are alike, many have comparable areas of dispute and it is therefore possible for lessons learned to be discussed in relevant examples. This review looks at lessons learned from local governance initiatives and experiences in other fragile and conflict-affected states.

19 Dec 2018 description


Donor-funded (governance) programming in South Sudan has been hampered by numerous challenges, notably renewed conflict and economic crisis. The literature points to a general failure by donors to appreciate these challenges and to donors’ overestimating state capacity, leading to overambitious programmes. Donors are urged to be flexible, integrate political and development interventions, and work through rather than bypass government in order to achieve long-term development.

19 Dec 2018 description

Stockpiles of excess, poorly-secured, or otherwise at-risk conventional weapons continue to pose a challenge to peace and prosperity worldwide. In the wrong hands, SA/LW fuel political instability and violence, while more advanced conventional weapons, such as MANPADS, pose a serious threat to international security. Aging munitions stockpiles may also explode without warning, devastating nearby population centers. Meanwhile, landmines and ERW, including cluster munition remnants, artillery shells, and mortars, continue to kill and maim people even after conflicts end.

03 Dec 2018 description

Eight years on from the end of armed conflict in Sri Lanka, the country is grappling with the legacy of massive human rights abuses committed during the war. As it does so, sexual violence against men and boys has only recently been recognised as among the violations that took place.

However, the issue remains little understood and responses have so far been even less adequate than for other serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law committed by all parties to the conflict.

15 Nov 2018 description

I. Context

An estimated 1 million Venezuelans are currently living abroad. Approximately a total of 735,000 Venezuelans are estimated to be living in three countries: the United States (255,520), Spain (180,289) and Colombia (470,000). Their migration status varies, from regular and irregular migrants, to refugees and asylum seekers, among others.

12 Nov 2018 description


  • Contexte d’insécurité dans la région de Diffa

  • Manque d’information sur les connaissances, attitudes et pratiques (CAP) en eau, hygiène et assainissement (EHA) des populations affectées par la crise du lac Tchad :

o Les populations déplacée et hôtes dans les sites qui accueillent des déplacés et qui sont donc recensés par la Direction Régional de l’Etat Civil, des Migrations et des Refugiés (DREC) (« sites DREC »)

07 Nov 2018 description


The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC), which was established in Kobe in July 1998, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. Since its founding, ADRC has been focused on promoting multilateral disaster risk reduction cooperation at the community, national, and regional levels all across Asia and the Pacific.

27 Oct 2018 description

This 2017 UNDP Uganda Annual Report gives an account of some of our most important results and shares our stories of success as we worked with our various partners including Government and local communities in Uganda’s journey towards sustainable and inclusive development.

23 Oct 2018 description

1 Background

There are 65.3 million forcibly displaced people across the globe, an unprecedented number of displaced populations.

17 Oct 2018 description



The RPM tool manages data at the inter-cluster and cluster level, NOT at the level of individual partners. Partner-level planning and tracking is currently supported through OPS and 3W (to be replaced next year)

 Flexible framework structure. The tool is fully configurable to support context-specific planning and monitoring: customising the framework elements, the clusters (or other coordination structures), the number and type of indicators, monitoring periods, level of detail expected etc.

17 Oct 2018 description

The humanitarian programme cycle is at the heart of what OCHA does – and information is at the heart of the programme cycle.

The information services which enable the cycle are being transformed completely – seamlessly integrating needs indicators, response plans, projects, funding flows and monitoring of outcomes – to ensure effective coordination of humanitarian response.


01 Oct 2018 description


A rapid review of the literature has found a selection of innovative WASH options available for situations of severe population overcrowding and limited spaces. Case study information was collated from African, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Caribbean countries. As requested, a number of experts were consulted for their opinion where there was a lack of project evaluations or grey literature.

01 Oct 2018 description


What is the current situation with regard to agricultural development in Syria?

1. Overview

Although the agricultural area of the Syrian Arab Republic is spread over large areas of the country, the agricultural sector is facing many difficulties in light of deteriorating security conditions and the high cost of farming. Key findings are as follows: