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24 Dec 2013 description
report Government of Samoa

Approved by the National Disaster Council under Part III Section 9 of the Disaster and Emergency Management Act 2006 on 2nd November 2006


1.1 Plan Purpose

The purpose of this plan is to detail mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery arrangements for tropical cyclones that affect Samoa.

1.2 Plan Development and Review

31 Dec 2006 description

The 2006 Humanitarian Accountability Report is divided into three sections. The fi rst part offers an overview of progress achieved and challenges experienced in improving humanitarian accountability across the whole sector in 2006. An independent observer wrote this section following the methodology used in the 2005 Humanitarian Accountability Report. It includes the results of a survey of perceptions of humanitarian accountability in 2006.

31 Dec 2006 description

Drought is an insidious natural hazard characterized by lower than expected or lower than normal precipitation that, when extended over a season or longer period of time, is insufficient to meet the demands of human activities and the environment. Drought is a temporary aberration, unlike aridity, which is a permanent feature of climate. Seasonal aridity, that is, a well-defined dry season, also needs to be distinguished from drought, as these terms are often confused or used interchangeably.

31 Dec 2006 description
  1. Introduction

    This independant evaluation examined the work of the World Food Programme Emergency Operation (EMOP) in Darfur in Western Sudan from April 2004 to December 2005. The purposes of this evaluation were threefold:

    - Accountability not just to WFP's Executive Board and donors, but to the extent possible and practical, to beneficiaries and cooperating partners. In the discussions in Rome prior to the start of the fieldwork WFP's Office of Evaluation stressed that accountability should be the primary focus of this evaluation.

    - Guidance for the operation.

31 Dec 2006 description
report Plan International


There have been many words used to describe the response to the tsunami: accountability, coordination, development, human rights, LRRD (Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development), local capacity, professionalism to name but a few. These words speak of the fundamental principles of humanitarian assistance, however they continue to represent the biggest challenges facing the international community.

Yet, despite these challenges, it is evident there has been a positive impact, not to mention significant improvements, as children and communities continue to recover.

31 Dec 2006 description
report Mercy Corps

Progress Update by Activity


School Rehabilitation

School Repair in Baalbek

Mercy Corps began Phase II repairs at seven public schools in Baalbek.1 Phase II works at the seven schools are focused on waterproofing and bathroom rehabilitation. These repairs will benefit a total of 2382 students and staff.

Following is a sampling of progress on Phase II school repair:

- Phase II repairs at the Orphanage of the Islamic Welfare Association in Baalbek included repairing the toilets and showers on two floors of the building and preparing the terrace for waterproofing.

31 Dec 2006 description


Este documento tiene la finalidad de presentar una reflexión sobre la construcción de paz en un país en guerra, Colombia y, al mismo tiempo, profundizar sobre el sentido y las condiciones del acompañamiento internacional bajo la perspectiva de construcción de paz.

31 Dec 2006 description

En el origen del proyecto que ha dado lugar a la creación del Observatorio de la Acción Humanitaria percibíamos la necesidad de hacer un seguimiento estable de la acción humanitaria en nuestro país, compartiendo un sentimiento muy extendido por aquellos que buscan la mejora del trabajo solidario a través de la reflexión, la discusión franca y la crítica (y autocrítica). Con esa intención los Informes anuales, iniciados con el análisis de 2003, pretenden ir cubriendo ese hueco, con clara vocación de permanencia y de apertura a la colaboración con la comunidad humanitaria española.

31 Dec 2006 description


The current situation in Somalia, with the recent flooding in parts and the displacement as a result of the current conflict, is likely to have a negative impact on the nutritional status of the vulnerable groups.

31 Dec 2006 description


Until 2005, the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) was one of the world's most neglected emergencies. International attention began to rise in 2006 when the security situation severely deteriorated in the North. Maternal and childhood health is still characterized by poor indicators: under-five mortality is 220 per 1000, while registered maternal mortality is one of the highest in Africa: 1355 deaths per 100 000 live births. The HIV/AIDS prevalence among pregnant women is estimated at about 15%. The immunization coverage remain below 50%.

31 Dec 2006 description

Résultats prévisionnels de la campagne agricole 2006-2007: Un excédent céréalier de plus d'un million de tonnes attendu

La production céréalière brute s'élève à 3 858 731 tonnes dont 3 669 048 tonnes de céréale et 189 176 tonnes de riz.

31 Dec 2006 description


The situation in pastoral and agro-pastoral areas of the country during the Sugum/Gu rains of 2006 showed mixture of normal to below normal performance. This had been the actual occurrence in Somali and Afar regions, South Omo Zone of SNNPR and Borena Zone of Oromiya that constitute the vast pastoralist communities.

31 Dec 2006 description


Health indicators in Burundi continue to feature among the worst in the world. Malaria remains one of the main public health concerns, with a mortality rate of 47% among children under five. Maternal mortality is as high as 855 deaths per 100 000 live births. Moreover, cholera and meningitis epidemics occur within regular intervals with thousands of cases to be confirmed and treated.

31 Dec 2006 description
report United Nations

Attached below is the ninth joint UN agency North East situation monitoring report. This report is intended to give an overview of the current situation in the North East by tracking the trends of various conflict-sensitive indicators.

31 Dec 2006 description

Tras la celebración de las elecciones regionales y municipales a principios de mes, el Gobierno volvió su atención a la política de seguridad, después de que organizaciones de derechos humanos y organismos internacionales denunciaran el notable incremento de la criminalidad (especialmente contra los menores) en el =FAltimo mes del año. En este sentido, el Presidente recordó durante la celebración del 203 aniversario de la independencia del país, la necesidad de que el país se mantenga unido para proseguir el proceso de democratización y desarrollo.

31 Dec 2006 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, Dec 31, 2006 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Natural calamities caused 3,155 human deaths in China in 2006, the highest figure since 1998, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Typhoons, floods, landslides and hailstorms all battered China this year.

"Tropical storm Bilis caused 848 human deaths while typhoon Saomai took 483 lives," said a report from the ministry.

Bilis and Saomai fatalities accounted for 42.2 percent of the total death toll in natural calamities in 2006.

31 Dec 2006 description

Agricultural Training Supports Southern Families

Due to insecurity, unpredictable weather extremes, a high number of returnees, and limited resources, food production is an acute challenge for many families in Upper Nile State, Southern Sudan. To assist these communities in reviving their agricultural livelihoods, USAID partner Food for the Hungry International (FHI) is working to restore food security for more than 10,000 families-approximately 80,000 people-in Upper Nile.

Under the USAID-funded program, FHI works in coordination with three Sudanese nongovernmental organizations to …

31 Dec 2006 description
report Government of Kenya


The flooding problem in the District subsided except the areas along Ewaso Nyiro River. The rains also stopped during the 3rd Dekad of December 2006. The DSG constituted two teams to conduct an assessment on the current District situation. A detailed report on the assessment will be sent to stakeholders but in brief they made the following observations:

The rains caused high-speed flash floods that caused devastating effect and displaced many households.