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05 Feb 2014 description

Executive Summary

Papua New Guinea is prone to numerous natural hazards including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, drought, floods, tropical cyclones, landslides, the impact of climate change and climate variability and sea level rise. In addition, there is high risk of technological and human-caused disasters from oil spill, industrial pollution, unregulated and destructive land use practices and infrastructural development, as well as a rapid growth in population. Social crisis as civil unrest and HIV/AIDS have already made their presence known in Papua New Guinea.

06 Aug 2013 description


Balancing population health needs with access to adequate services presents quite considerable challenges to national health administrations. An important enabling factor in the provision and performance of health services is properly skilled staff.

Sound investment in planning, preparing and deploying the health workforce is vital, since it accounts for a large part of the recurrent costs of the health system. In times of stability and prosperity this already presents most countries with a considerable task.

31 Dec 2005 description


Las condiciones bajo las cuales viven la gran mayoría de familias en la zona rural de Honduras se caracterizan por un predomino de la pobreza y la inseguridad alimentaria. Estos grupos familiares de recursos financieros limitados y escasos recursos productivos ven en la actividad agrícola un sustento que les permite sobrevivir bajo factores adversos como sequía, suelos improductivos y baja productividad, entre otros.

31 Dec 2005 description

Executive Summary

Liberia presents one of the most challenging contexts for post conflict reconstruction since the end of the Cold War, featuring a protracted civil war and the concomitant destruction of the state, society and economy.

31 Dec 2005 description

Executive Summary:

The Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster resulted in one of the largest relief and rehabilitation operations ever launched by the Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) Movement. The Federation launched a systematic process of real time evaluations (RTE) in order to assist the Movement in ensuring high standards of accountability and good practices in the operations as well as enable it to continuously improve the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of its work.

31 Dec 2005 description
report IRIN
  1. Lead Articles - Overview analysis: A people's war?
31 Dec 2005 description


About the report: This report aims at providing an objective joint assessment of post-tsunami relief, recovery and reconstruction interventions and the way forward. A team comprised of representatives from the government, civil society, and the international community prepared this document, with 20 government institutions, 20 bilateral and multilateral organizations and 18 national and international NGOs contributing relevant details.

31 Dec 2005 description

This report monitors access in and out of the Gaza Strip. Movement in and out of the Gaza Strip is controlled through:
- Erez crossing for Palestinian workers and merchants and medical referrals who have permits to enter Israel;

- Erez crossing for international organisations;

31 Dec 2005 description


La production céréalière prévisionnelle totale des neuf pays du Sahel de la campagne 2005/2006, est évaluée à 15 161 700 tonnes. Si ces chiffres se confirment le Sahel connaîtra une production brute céréalière qui sera supérieure de 34% à celle de la campagne 2004/2005. Le niveau de production attendue sera aussi supérieur de 31% à la moyenne des 5 dernières années.

31 Dec 2005 description

"This year has been a year like no other for humanitarian action, bracketed by devastating disasters, - the Indian Ocean Tsunami in the final days of 2004 and the South Asia earthquake of October 2005, on top of the worst hurricane season in living memory - and stretching all humanitarian agencies to their maximum capacity and beyond." (Introduction of Humanitarian Appeals 2006- 30 November 2005)

31 Dec 2005 description


Nablus is the West Bank's second largest governorate with a population of 327,000.(1) In the past ?ve years, it has been one of the most severely hit by the con?ict, experiencing the highest number of casualties, the most severe physical damage(2) and intense restrictions on movement.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) states security concerns as the main factor behind its restrictions on Nablus city and that Nablus has been a centre for attacks on Israeli citizens.(3) In September 2000, Israel tightened its security considerably.

31 Dec 2005 description


Food Security/Livelihoods

The findings of the GU/Karan crop assessment conducted by the Food Security Analysis Unit of FAO (FSAU) and partners among the agro-pastoral regions of Awdal & Togdheer, from 22 November to 4 December 2005, indicated a bumper harvest. In Somaliland there is one main cropping season (May to October), this year approximately 27,000 MT of cereals were harvested, 82% sorghum & 18% maize. In addition to cereals, farmers also grow cash crops such as watermelons, tomatoes, cowpea and onions, these similarly performed well.

31 Dec 2005 description
report Caritas

Christmas in Bethlehem -- Join us in prayer & solidarity for the birthplace of Jesus Christ

31 Dec 2005 description
report World Bank

As part of an analytical support program to the peace process, the Conflict and Community Development Program, within the World Bank Office Jakarta, is using a newspaper conflict mapping methodology to record and categorize all incidents of conflict in Aceh as reported in two provincial newspapers (Serambi and Aceh Kita). The Program publishes monthly updates and analysis of the data, complimented by fieldwork where possible, in both English and Indonesian.(1)

31 Dec 2005 description

International Human Rights Day Message