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17 Sep 2003 description

Today B'Tselem held a tour to release the organization's new report on the village of Nu'man. Although Nu'man is located within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem, Israel has refused to recognize the villagers as Jerusalem residents, and give them permanent residency status, claiming they were not in the city in 1967.

19 Aug 2003 description

B'Tselem's new report, released today, shows that since the outbreak of the intifada, many Palestinians have left their homes in Area H-2 in Hebron (the area in which the settlers also reside).

13 Apr 2003 description

Today B'Tselem is publishing an updated position paper on the separation barrier being erected between the Green Line and the West Bank.

13 Apr 2003 description

In June 2002, the government of Israel decided to erect a barrier along the entire West Bank to separate Israel and the West Bank in order to prevent the uncontrolled entry of Palestinians into Israel. To date, the government has directed the construction of only some 190 kilometers. According to the Ministry of Defense, the first 145 kilometers (Stage 1) are to be operational by July 2003.

05 Mar 2003 description

Al-Mawasi, Gaza Strip - "I reached the Tufakh checkpoint in an ambulance while on my way to Mubarak Hospital [in Khan Yunis] to give birth. When we got to the checkpoint so that we could leave al-Mawasi, the soldiers refused to let the ambulance through. My condition deteriorated. We waited for hours, and were allowed to pass only after we managed to coordinate matters with many officials. On my way home after giving birth, I was not allowed to pass because I was too young. I am waiting here in the wind and cold, which affects my health and the health of my baby daughter... .

05 Mar 2003 description

Status Report
Researched and written by Shlomi Swisa
Edited by Yael Stein
Data coordination by Ronen Shnayderman
Fieldwork by Najib Abu Rokaya, Raslan Mahagna, Nabil Mekherez, 'Issam Shath

20 Jan 2003 description

Tonight, B'Tselem issued an urgent letter to the Defense Minister calling on him to withdraw the order to demolish the market in Nazlat 'Issa, In the Tulkarm district of the West Bank.