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31 Dec 2000 description

The Safe Water System Manual is designed to take people through the necessary steps to initiate the planning process, assemble a team, decide between various water treatment and storage options, and devise strategies for distribution, cost recovery, promotion, behaviour change, and monitoring and evaluation.

31 Dec 2000 description
report International Alert

This paper examines whether humanitarian assistance in war zones can support efforts to promote conflict prevention and peace-building. Its four main parts provide the following information:

- Overview of current debates on humanitarianism, conflict and peace-building
- Case studies of Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Liberia
- Comprehensive analysis of key findings
- Main conclusions and recommendations in light of findings

31 Dec 2000 description

This document examines the effect of small arms on development, and highlights the importance of combating the uncontrolled spread and misuse of these weapons as a central development-policy concern. For this purpose, the following issues are discussed:

- Problem of small arms in developing countries
- Initiatives for combating the spread and misuse of small arms
- Recommendations for combating the problem of small arms

31 Dec 2000 description

With the underlying assumption that gender equality is an essential prerequisite for any sustainable development and peace-building activity, this paper offers an analytical framework and guidelines on gender mainstreaming in crisis prevention and conflict management. This is shown both on a conceptual and practical level.

31 Dec 2000 description
This report attempts to draw operational lessons from the inter-relationship of gender equality issues and conflict and peacebuilding.
31 Dec 2000 description
report Small Arms Survey
Occasional Paper No. 1

by Eric G. Berman A publication of the Small Arms Survey

The Small Arms Survey (SAS)

The Small Arms Survey (SAS) is an independent project associated with the Programme for Strategic and International Security Studies (PSIS) at the Graduate Institute of International Studies (GIIS) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Established in 1999, the SAS is supported by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, and by contributions from the Governments of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

31 Dec 2000 description

New documents available on the EHA website:

31 Dec 2000 description

Health, Peace and Humanitarian Cease-fires
by Jon M. Ebersole

Militarised violence presents what is perhaps the most vexing challenge to the achievement of the goal of health for all. While not a member of the UN’s Executive Committee on Peace and Security, WHO is nonetheless positioned to play a crucial peacemaking role in some of the world’s most difficult trouble spots.

31 Dec 2000 description

From Health in Emergencies Issue 8
The establishment of high quality, functioning acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) surveillance - a critical step to polio elimination - is possible in countries affected by emergencies, as shown in the examples of Afghanistan, Angola and Somalia.

31 Dec 2000 description

The value of the free market shopping basket is a more accurate indicator of expenses for food and hygiene products, given that the state prices column includes products released in limited amounts which are difficult to find.

* Please note: The State Commodity Reserves are no longer releasing oil, sugar and detergent into the retail shops.