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23 Jan 2014 description

Luena - More than 26,000 Angolan refugees living in neighbouring countries for the last 30 years have expressed the wish to return home until the end of this year, under the process of voluntary repatriation jointly organised by the Government and its international partners.

The information was confirmed by the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Hans Lunshof, during the arrival of the first group of Angolan refugees from Zambia.

13 Jan 2012 description

Luena - The minister of Social Welfare, João Baptista Kussumua, reiterated the Angolan government's availability to repatriate the 60,000 Angolan refugees based in neighbouring countries, whose process is set to resume next February.

The minister expressed the government's desire Friday in eastern Moxico province during a 24-hour visit to the region.

According to him, the first phase that started in the second half of 2011 benefited 4,000 Angolan citizens from DR Congo, 1, 500; Zambia, 2, 400; Botswana 29 and Namibia six..

28 Jul 2011 description

Luanda – A total of 46,290 vulnerable people have been assisted with 750,4 tonnes of assorted goods over the second quarter of this year, Angop learned Wednesday in Luanda.

This was disclosed by the minister of State and head of the Civil Affairs Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Carlos Feijó.

According to the source, of the goods distributed, 463,4 tonnes were foodstuffs and 287 tonnes were non-eatable goods.

08 Jun 2011 description

Kinshasa – A tripartite accord for the repatriation of more than 40,000 Angolan refugees was signed Wednesday in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, by the Governments of DRC, Angola and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angop learned.

The ceremony followed a tripartite meeting of representatives of the two countries and the UNHCR.

23 May 2011 description

5/20/11 9:58 AM

Kuito - At least 60.000 Angolans who showed interest to return home will be repatriated, under an operation that will go until December this year.

This was said to Angopon Thursday in Kuito District in the central Bié province by the Welfare and Social Reintegration Minister, João Baptista Kussumua.

According to him, 43.85 people are coming from DR Congo, 8.925 are in Zambia, 5000 are located in Namibia and 2.652 are based in the Republic of Congo, while other 100 refugees are coming from the Republic of Botswana.

18 May 2011 description

Luanda – A multi-sector delegation headed by the Social Welfare minister, João Baptista Kussumua, travelled Wednesday to northern Zaire province, for a 24-hour visit as part of the preparation of the programme of repatriation of Angolans living as refugees in neighbouring countries.

Speaking to Angop, at Luanda’s “de Fevereiro” International Airport, the minister who recently visited the provinces of Moxico (east) and Cabinda (north) with the same purpose, said these visits are intended to improve the organisation of the operations of repatriation of fellow-countrymen.

04 May 2011 description

Luanda – At least 59,000 refugees living in neighbouring countries expressed voluntary desire to come back to Angola this year, said the Social Welfare minister, João Baptista Kussumua, Tuesday, in Luanda.

This information was released to the press on the sidelines of the working meeting the minister had to analyse the organising level of the returning process of those refugees yet living in the neighbouring nations.

26 Aug 2008 description

Luanda, 08/26 - The voluntary and organised repatriation is one of the priorities of the Angolan government, after achieving peace, foreseeing the safe and proper return of refugees, as well as the securing and reintegration of the population directly affected by the armed conflict.

For the purpose, over 400,000 Angolans returned to the country since the start of the process, according statistics data presented by the Ministry of Assistance and Social Welfare (MINARS).

Started on 20 June 2003, the Operation of Voluntary and Organised Repatriation of Angolan Refugees brought to the …

14 May 2007 description

Luanda, 05/14 - About 200,000 Angolan refugees are still living in various countries of the world, said on Monday, here, the official of reintegration of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Enrique Valles.

Of this number, 128,000 are living in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 5,000 in Namibia, 800 in Botswana and 2,666 in Congo Brazzaville.

There are other 14,000 in South Africa, 18,000 in sheltering fields in Zambia and 24,000 in various places is this neighbouring country.

The UN official presented these figures to Angop while commenting on the …

26 Mar 2007 description

Luanda, 03/26 - The UN high commissioner for refugees, António Guterres, Sunday in Luanda considered the return of more than 500,000 refugees to Angola as the most successful movement recorded in a recent past.

Speaking to the press at Luanda's "4 de Fevereiro" International airport, short after arriving, António Guterres stressed that this fact must be celebrated not only by Angolans, but by the international community too.

"Angola is going through a moment of feast with the closing of the Voluntary Repatriation Operation of Angolan citizens who were in a …

27 Jan 2006 description

Menongue, 01/27 - At least 2.462 Angolans citizens, who were living in Zambia, Namibia and Botswana as refugees, were repatriated last year into southeastern Kuando-Kubango province, Angop learned.

The operation was jointly carried out by the provincial delegation of the Social Welfare Ministry and the UNHCR.

Meanwhile, another 856 people returned home spontaneously from Zambia, Namibia and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), said the source. At least 3,309 people are expected to be repatriated from those countries to complete the repatriation process.

21 Nov 2005 description

Menongue, 11/21 - A total of 2,369 Angolans previously living in the Republics of Namibia, Zambia and Botswana have returned to the southeastern Kuando-Kubango province, from 07 April to 18 October 2006.

27 Sep 2005 description

Huambo, 09/27 - A total of 6,076 Angolan refugees, among men, women and children, who lived in the republics of Zambia and Botswana for years, were repatriated into Huambo province between May 22 and September this year, Angop learned.

13 Jul 2005 description

Luanda, 07/13 - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) expects to assist yet this year about 70,675 Angolans to return to their country.

The UN refugees agency's press officer, Maria Benevides, affirmed that the majority of these people is located in refugees camps in neighbouring Zambia, Republic of Congo and DR Congo, existing a few of them in South Africa and Namibia.

The source informed that in the ambit of the organised repatriation process at least 62 refugees coming from Botswana arrived on Monday in the country, while another group comprising 52 people, …

31 Oct 2004 description

Luanda, Oct 31 - About 90,000 Angolan refugees settled in neighbouring countries may return home this year, in the framework of a voluntary and organized repatriation process being carried out by the local Government and supported by the UNHCR, an official source has announced.

According a source with the Angola's Welfare Minister (Minars), the people will come from Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia and later from Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

The first group proceeding from Brazzaville may arrive from November, added the source.

Meanwhile, in …