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21 Sep 2018 description

The Caribbean region is poised to benefit from increased humanitarian assistance following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and humanitarian service provider, Rescue Global (RG). The signing took place yesterday, September 19, 2018 at the CDEMA Coordinating Unit in St. Michael, Barbados.

14 Sep 2018 description
report World Bank

A year ago, hurricanes Irma and Maria wreaked havoc in the Caribbean, making small nations like Dominica lose more than 200% of its annual GDP in a matter of hours. Today, many countries are still rebuilding. With the threats of climate change – which increases the number and strength of extreme weather events – and another hurricane season already underway, these countries are undertaking a number of efforts.

12 Sep 2018 description

Bridgetown, Barbados September 11, 2018 – The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and humanitarian mapping charity MapAction yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise their new joint working relationship. MapAction will work alongside CDEMA teams and support National Disaster Management Agencies within the Caribbean region as needed.

05 Sep 2018 description

Petén, Guatemala - 31 de agosto de 2018- Para reducir las vulnerabilidades a las que se enfrentan las poblaciones migrantes en Guatemala y en Belice, la OIM, el Organismo de las Naciones Unidas para la Migración, llevó a cabo un foro donde las autoridades de ambos países han ampliado sus conocimientos y mejorado las coordinaciones en relación con la migración laboral, la migración en contextos de emergencia y la ampliación de estrategias comunitarias de información.

28 Aug 2018 description

In the first quarter of 2018, our teams brought together more than 100 health care professionals for an emergency room trauma course aimed at increasing the chances of survival for patients at risk in hospitals. Medical supplies were also provided, some of which were used for treating wounds in public and military hospitals, for example.

Over 500 patients were assisted in the first quarter of 2018, including victims of urban violence and emergency cases.

02 Aug 2018 description


■ Apoyar al Estado de Guatemala a responder a las necesidades de personas con necesidades de protección internacional

■ Promover las funciones de protección de las instituciones en Petén e Izabal para guatemaltecos/as y extranjeros.

■ Fortalecer la asistencia humanitaria (refugio, alimentación, salud y artículos de higiene personal) por parte de los socios del ACNUR.

■ Reforzar los mecanismos de protección y monitoreo en rutas migratorias y fronteras.

31 Jul 2018 description

$36.2 million UNHCR's financial requirements 2018

22% funded

Funded 8.1 million

Funding gap 28.2 million

26 Jul 2018 description

HIV-related stigma remains pervasive and its effects debilitating. Stigma and discrimination deny people living with HIV the right to fully participate in their communities, affecting all aspects of people’s lives, including access to treatment and care, and access to work.