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16 Mar 2018 description

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 11,636 migrants and refugees have entered Europe by sea through the first 73 days of 2018, with about 48 per cent arriving in Italy and the remainder divided between Greece (29%), Spain (22%) and Cyprus (less than 1%). This compares with 20,306 at this point in 2017.

IOM Rome’s Flavio Di Giacomo said Thursday the 5,945 men, women and children arriving as irregular migrants to Italy this year represents a decline of more than 62 per cent over last year’s irregular sea arrivals through this date.

14 Mar 2018 description
report Human Rights Watch

Temporary Closure Follows Protests About Degrading Conditions

Judith Sunderland

Good news! The Italian Interior Ministry announced yesterday the temporary closure of an abusive asylum processing centre on Lampedusa, Italy’s tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea.

14 Mar 2018 description

By Ragy Saro

“Reduce disaster loss and protect lives.”

CAIRO, 14 March 2018 - That refrain echoed through Cairo, the capital city of Egypt as a 3-day training event kicked off this week bringing together representatives from 11 Arab States committed to implementing the global plan for reducing disaster losses, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

12 Mar 2018 description

Total arrivals (1 Jan - 11 Mar 2018): 5,556
Total arrivals (1 Jan - 11 Mar 2017): 15,841
Total arrivals 1 Mar - 11 Mar 2018 308
Total arrivals 1 Mar - 11 Mar 2017 2,402
Average daily arrivals in March 2018 so far: 28
Average daily arrivals in February 2018: 38
Dead and missing in 2018 (as of 11 Mar) 426
Dead and missing in 2017 (as of 11 Mar) 535
Dead and missing in 2017 3,139

11 Mar 2018 description

This review is looking at the contributions of six selected CashCap deployments undertaken in 2016 and 2017 in order to assess their relevance, effectiveness and sustainability.

06 Mar 2018 description

Bruxelles, le 6 mars 2018

La Commission européenne a signé ce jour, à Bruxelles, un arrangement administratif avec la Tunisie en vue de resserrer les liens en matière de protection civile et de gestion des risques de catastrophes.

06 Mar 2018 description

Today the European Commission signed an administrative arrangement with Tunisia to boost ties in civil protection and disaster risk management.

05 Mar 2018 description
report World Bank

With the adoption of a Climate Change Action Plan, this brief outlines concrete actions for the World Bank, describing how it intends to scale up climate action, integrate climate change across its operations, and work more closely with others, through collective action and partnerships, to implement new and innovative solutions.

05 Mar 2018 description

Total arrivals (1 Jan - 04 Mar 2018): 5,332
Total arrivals (1 Jan - 04 Mar 2017): 14,317
Total arrivals 1 Mar - 04 Mar 2018 84
Total arrivals 1 Mar - 04 Mar 2017 878
Average daily arrivals in March 2018 so far: 21
Average daily arrivals in February 2018: 38
Dead and missing in 2018 (as of 04 Mar) 402
Dead and missing in 2017 (as of 04 Mar) 520
Dead and missing in 2017 3,139

04 Mar 2018 description
report European Union

In January, 8 300 irregular border crossings were detected on the four main migratory routes into the EU, down 7% from a year ago.

Central Mediterranean

The number of migrants arriving in Italy via the Central Mediterranean route in January rose to more than 4 800, double the figure from the previous month, when the smuggling activities were affected by fighting near the departure areas and poor weather. The monthly total was roughly in line with January of last year.

02 Mar 2018 description



02 Mar 2018 description


Depuis le début de l’année 2017 en Côte d’Ivoire, l’Organisation internationale pour les migrations (OIM) a assisté plus de 1 800 individus au retour volontaire, principalement depuis la Libye et le Niger. Le projet, qui a permis d’assurer l’accueil de ces migrants en Côte d’Ivoire, s’inscrit dans le cadre de l’Initiative Conjointe UE – OIM pour la Protection et la Réintégration des Migrants en Afrique de l’Ouest, financée par l’Union Européenne et mise en œuvre par l’OIM.

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01 Mar 2018 description

Global Overview FEBRUARY 2018

01 Mar 2018 description


• WFP Tunisia has identified eight primary schools in four different regions of the country to refurbish their existing kitchens and canteens as well as revitalise annexed school gardens. The interventions will result in enhancing the Government’s capacity to provide hot nutritious meals to 920 children in 2018.

28 Feb 2018 description

From 2007 to Feb 2017, Asian countries received a total of $21 billion, while Yemen topped recipient countries receiving $13 billion

RIYADH, February 28 (CIC) - Saudi Arabia has donated nearly USD $33billion in global aid in the past 10 years, according to data provided by the Electronic Platform for Saudi International Aid, which was inaugurated by King Salman bin Abdulaziz at the opening of the Kingdom’s first International Humanitarian Forum in Riyadh on Monday.

28 Feb 2018 description


Between 1 and 31 January 2018, 4,189 persons arrived in Italy by sea. This is a modest decrease of 6% if compared to sea arrivals in the same period last year (4,467). In recent years, monthly arrivals were comparatively lower during the winter, due to less favorable weather and sea conditions.

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