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16 Nov 2018 description

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 103,347 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2018 through 14 November. Spain topped 50,440 – more irregular arrivals to Spain through 45 weeks of 2018 than all arrivals during the past three years combined.

This marks the fifth straight year arrivals of irregular migrants and refugees have topped the 100,000 mark, although this year’s totals are low compared to those at this time in 2017 (156,708) and 2016 (343,158).

14 Nov 2018 description
  • Another tragic accident illustrated the dangers of the current situation of mixed movements of people: On 11 November the police near Loznica found a body of a man suspected to have drowned in the Drina River. While the investigation is ongoing, local media reported that some ten days ago, when a group of refugees/migrants tried to cross the river into Bosnia, two young men from Iran disappeared. It is suspected that the body now found may belong to one of them.

13 Nov 2018 description


  • Support the Government of Serbia (GoS) in strengthening its asylum system in line with applicable international standards

  • Ensure that the humanitarian and protection needs of Persons with Specific Needs (PSN), are promptly identified and addressed

  • Support the GoS in securing solutions for refugees and internally displaced persons and preventing and reducing statelessness.

Working with Partners

13 Nov 2018 description

Total (observed) arrivals – October: 2,636
Total (observed) arrivals - September: 2,540

Total (observed) arrivals of unaccompanied/separated children - October: 240
Total (observed) arrivals of unaccompanied/separated children - September: 409

Total occupancy of government centres – end October: 3,485
Total occupancy of government centres - end September: 3,411

Total presence of refugees/migrants/asylum-seekers – end October: 3,919
Total presence of refugees/migrants/asylum-seekers – end September: 3,905

09 Nov 2018 description

As the number of people in humanitarian settings grows, there is a critical need for practical examples of how to effectively deliver contraception at every stage of crisis, from emergency preparedness, to acute emergency response and through recovery. Many places go from stability to crisis — and back again — with little warning. Others languish in low-grade state of conflict. These settings require attention to health systems combined with some emergency response capacity.

09 Nov 2018 description

Sarajevo – With elevated numbers of migrants and refugees entering Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2017, the European Union has just allocated more than EUR 7.2 million in grants to support the work of the UN Migration Agency, IOM, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The funds were provided through an Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance special measure. Resultant projects will be implemented by IOM in partnership with the UN Refugee Agency and UNICEF to help further strengthen the country's migration management, asylum, border control and surveillance capacities.

09 Nov 2018 description

Statement from the European Council on Refugees and Exiles Annual (ECRE) General Conference in Belgrade November 6-9, 2018.

08 Nov 2018 description

The latest edition of Crisis Group's monthly conflict tracker highlights dangers of escalating conflict in Sri Lanka and Yemen. CrisisWatch also notes improved situations in China/Japan and Nagorno-Karabakh (Azerbaijan).

06 Nov 2018 description

Belgrade, 02 November 2018 – Serbia has made excellent progress in the prevention and reduction of statelessness. Should it decide to enact a few outstanding strategic measures stipulated in the Global Action Plan for Eradication of Statelessness, the Republic of Serbia could eliminate statelessness completely within a couple of years, concluded a UNHCR-organised conference today.

01 Nov 2018 description
  • 3,919 new refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants were counted in Serbia on 28 October, a slight increase from 3,825 counted two weeks ago. 3,485 (i.e. 89%) of them were accommodated in 15 governmental Reception/Transit (RTC) or Asylum Centres (AC). Also, close to 450 mainly male refugees/migrants were observed outside centres: 200 in Belgrade City, some 160 camping close to borders with Croatia or Hungary and up to 70 in Loznica, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

29 Oct 2018 description
report Theirworld

Billy Briggs - Education in emergencies writer

The Refugee Welcome Schools programme is being expanded and students are also sending aid to Syrian children.

Schoolchildren in UK cities are welcoming refugees and sending aid abroad as part of a European project to improve the lives of people fleeing war.

A pilot programme in Cardiff and Birmingham called Refugee Welcome Schools has proved hugely successful and there are plans to expand it to other British towns and cities.

25 Oct 2018 description


The recent migration crisis has posed severe challenges for Europe, having an enormous impact on all asylum seekers and related policies. Although only one percent of requests submitted so far in the EU countries have been considered admissible, citizens of the Republic of Serbia continue to apply for asylum in big numbers1. What is more, many of the asylum applications are unfounded and their increase threatens to jeopardize the EU visa-free regime for Serbian citizens, which was granted to Serbia in 2009.

24 Oct 2018 description
report Start Network
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A revolution in aid: Start Network releases 2017 Annual Report

Start Network, a global network of aid agencies, has today published its first annual report showcasing its collective efforts to revolutionise the humanitarian aid system.

22 Oct 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund

- By September 2018, some 89,000 refugees and migrants, almost a quarter of whom children, arrived in Europe through the Mediterranean migration routes. Most children arrived in Greece and Spain.
- Between January and September 2018, nearly 16,700 children benefitted from UNICEF specialized child protection support in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Germany. With the start of the school year, 13,810 children were also reached with UNICEF-supported formal and non-formal education activities.

22 Oct 2018 description
infographic Insecurity Insight

This overview document presents 114 security incidents affecting aid delivery in 16 countries in Europe between January 2017 and March 2018. The report is based on incidents identified in open sources and reported by Aid in Danger partner agencies using the Security in Numbers Database (SiND).

19 Oct 2018 description

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 91,093 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2018 through 17 October, with 42,494 to Spain, the leading destination this year. In fact, since late September’s arrivals were reported, Spain in 2018 has now received via the Mediterranean more irregular migrants than it did throughout all the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 combined.

The region’s total arrivals through the recent weekend compare with 145,193 arrivals across the region through the same period last year, and 320,033 at this point in 2016.

18 Oct 2018 description
report Insecurity Insight

This monthly digest comprises threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of aid. It is prepared by Insecurity Insight from information available in open sources.

Security Incidents and Access Constraints