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31 Dec 2002 description

This document supplements the ICRC's Headquarters Appeal 2003and contains:

  • an overview of the ICRC's operations in 2003
  • a description of its presence in the field
  • a breakdown of its operational organization
  • a description of its target populations
  • a concise description of its programmes
  • a brief description of its 63 delegations
  • overall budget amounts
  • overall budget and budgets by programme for each delegation
The ICRC's operations in 2003 and the respective budget figures are presented in detail in the ICRC's Emergency Appeals 2003, …
11 Sep 2002 description

Press Release NGO/480 - PI/1443
DPI/NGO Annual Conference
AM & PM Meetings

09 Sep 2002 description

Next month, delegates meet in Geneva to forge a plan to tap women's help in conflict resolution.

25 Jul 2002 description
report UN Security Council

4589th Meeting* (AM & PM)

Lasting peace must be home-grown and based on indigenous processes - and local women, who held communities together during conflict, organized political movements, managed relief efforts, and rebuilt societies, were key, the Assistant Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women told the Security Council today.

30 Jun 2002 description

Rebuilding health systems: an overview of the dilemmas
by Joanna Macrae, Humanitarian Policy Group, Overseas Development Initiative

13 Jun 2002 description

Highlights from the SIPRI YEARBOOK 2002
Security and conflicts

The 15 most deadly conflicts in 2001-those that killed over 100 people-were all intra-state conflicts, but all of them were directly affected by external actors and 11 of them spilled over international borders. 11 of the conflicts have lasted for eight or more years.

51 multilateral peace operations were operational during 2001.

There were no new UN peace missions in 2001 for the first time since 1996.

05 Jun 2002 description
report UN Children's Fund

The United Nations Children's Fund today issued a series of updates on emergency donor appeals. The reports detail the humanitarian conditions of countries in crisis for which appeals were launched in the beginning of 2002. Without an immediate infusion of donor aid, UNICEF's capacity to assist children and their mothers will be hindered, several reports reveal. Thier lives are threatened by disease, conflict, hunger and poverty.

20 May 2002 description

Week three proved to be an active and productive one for the Security Council. The Security Council adopted four resolutions while a total of 18 meetings were held. The week's highlight was the unanimous adoption of an important resolution on Iraq. Resolution 1409 (2002) approves the revision of sanctions on Iraq and extends the humanitarian programme for another 180 days. This Chapter VII resolution puts the sanctions against Iraq on a new footing by freeing up purely civilian trade while tightening restrictions on military and dual-use supplies.

13 May 2002 description

The second week of our Presidency had a relatively light programme of work because of the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children from 8-10 May. On 6 May, the President gave an informal briefing to non-Members on the provisional programme of work for May. On 7 May, the UNSC held a public meeting on the issue of Children and Armed Conflict, one day prior to the General Assembly Special Session on Children. The UNSC mission to the Great Lakes Region returned on 7 May after spending ten days in the region.

06 May 2002 description

The Security Council fully respected the responsibilities of the General Assembly and would do nothing to interfere with that body's right to act according to those responsibilities, President of the Security Council for the month of May, Kishore Mahbubani of Singapore, told correspondents at a Headquarters press briefing today held to outline the Council's programme for the month.

13 Feb 2002 description

Extracted from the ACFOA's submission to the budget 2002 -2003: Reducing Poverty, Creating Human Security :
The Challenge for Australia's Overseas Development Assistance

16 Jan 2002 description

Fifty-eighth session
Item 14 (c) of the provisional agenda


Report of the Representative of the Secretary-General on internally displaced persons, Mr. Francis M. Deng, submitted pursuant to Commission on Human Rights resolution 2001/54

Executive summary

14 Jan 2002 description
report UN Security Council

Security Council - 2001 Round-Up

Adopts Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Strategy; Sends West Africa, Great Lakes Missions; Monitors Kosovo, East Timor Progress