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20 Jul 2018 description

Two principles stand as cornerstones in the enduring partnership built by Anera and Americares: efficiency and impact. For 25 years, shipments of medical aid and supplies requested by health workers have allowed local organizations to respond to the direct needs of communities deprived of health resources across Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza.

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24 Sep 2014 description
report AmeriCares

Though a cease-fire has been reached, ending 50-days of the deadliest violence Gaza has seen in years, the recovery process has just begun for the thousands affected by the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The conflict destroyed health centers and thousands of homes, and left more than 2,000 dead and over 400,000 Gaza residents displaced. This month AmeriCares has sent $1 million in medicines and medical supplies to aid health centers in the territory.

05 Oct 2012 description
report AmeriCares

By Jessica Ginger

Americares relief worker, Jessica Ginger, visited Lebanon in July 2012 to oversee ongoing aid to the country, including medicines, wheelchairs, walkers and other supplies to meet the health needs of thousands of disabled refugees. Below is her first-hand account of the great need for health care support among this vulnerable population.

23 Jan 2009 description
report AmeriCares

AmeriCares delivery of more than $2.6 million in lifesaving aid to our partner, American New East Refugee Aid (ANERA), has arrived safely in Gaza. Local hospitals and health care clinics are receiving the current shipment of medical aid, including antibiotics, surgical supplies, pain medicines, and other emergency assistance.

AmeriCares humanitarian medical aid was arranged with the Israeli Ministry of Defense and coordinated with the United Nations.

19 Jul 2006 description
report AmeriCares

While the Middle East continues to erupt in violence, the humanitarian situation of those living in many countries in the area grows more desperate by the day. AmeriCares is continuing to provide aid to the region, with relief shipments to both Lebanon and Gaza and the West Bank having arrived safely recently.