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01 Jun 2018 description
report Pacific Community

A team from the Pacific Community (SPC), is deploying oceanographic instruments along the lagoon and ocean shoreline in numerous locations throughout Majuro atoll. The instruments will record wave data in the area over the next 12 months to better prepare the atoll for the impacts of climate change.

01 Jun 2018 description


HIV and tuberculosis (TB) are the two most deadly infectious diseases in the world. Globally in 2016, TB took the lives of more than 1.7 million people, while 1 million died from HIV-related illnesses. TB is also the leading cause of death for people living with HIV, with about one-third of HIV-related deaths occurring as a result of the co-infection.

30 May 2018 description

The Regional Food Security Atlas of the Pacific is a joint publication by the Pacific Community (SPC) and the World Food Programme(WFP).

The 2018 Atlas provides a spatial overview of the core issues that affect food security across the Pacific Island Countries (PICs). Divided into nine topical sections, the Atlas provides the reader with information and knowledge on the causes and outcomes of food security and nutrition in the region.

28 May 2018 description

Volcanic haze produced by Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is expected to Continue spreading southwestward toward Micronesia over the next few Days. Recent NOAA Hysplit model trajectories indicate regional trade Winds will bring haze to the region. Central pacific wind patterns Are expected to change in a few days and will redirect haze farther To the north.

11 May 2018 description

By Giff Johnson

Majuro - The Kwajalein Atoll Council is the first local government in the Marshall Islands to address growing concerns about the impact of climate change by adopting a resolution to focus attention and action on the looming threats, including plans to spend $US120,000 annually for developing and teaching a curriculum on the issue.

Read more on Radio New Zealand Internationa.

10 May 2018 description

The following syndrome has been flagged:

• Acute Fever and Rash: Federated States of Micronesia, French Polynesia, Samoa, Tonga

• Diarrhoea: Cook Islands

• Dengue-like illness: Kiribati

Other Updates:


• Kiribati reports an increase in dengue-like illness cases. Since 21 March 2018, 95 samples have been tested, of these 22 tested NS1 +ve using Dengue duo RDT kit. There have been 3 hospitalised cases, no deaths have been reported. Samples have been sent to reference laboratory for confirmation. Source: Kiribati MHMS

07 May 2018 description
report GFDRR

By Devan Kreisberg, Naraya Carrasco, Denis Jordy, and Alessio Giardino

If we’ve learned anything from our modern era, it’s that the smallest changes can be extremely powerful. From DNA molecules to microprocessors, “small” can have a big impact.

04 May 2018 description

04/05/2018 - by Roop Singh, Climate Centre, New York

US- and Netherlands-based scientists have used the latest computer technology to estimate the time frame in which the world’s low-lying atolls – mostly in the Indian and Pacific Oceans – might become uninhabitable with saltwater intrusion from rising sea-levels and bigger waves contaminating already-limited fresh water.

03 May 2018 description

Agreements on climate change and illegal fishing were among a slew of resolutions signed by leaders last week at the 23rd Micronesian Islands Forum in Saipan.

Read more on Radio New Zealand International

30 Apr 2018 description
report Pacific Community

Participants from three small North Pacific island countries: Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands and Palau, joined development partners last week (23-27 April 2018) to share experiences from the 2015-2016 severe El Niño drought and explore ways to work with communities to secure food and water resources ahead of the next drought.

27 Apr 2018 description

Objective: To mitigate risks to the food security and nutrition of vulnerable households created by El Niñoinduced effects, particularly droughts.

25 Apr 2018 description

By Hanna Butler / IFRC

The 191st pin on the Red Cross Red Crescent world map is set to be for the Marshall Islands Red Cross, which is on track to becoming the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ (IFRC) newest National Society, after the first visit from the Secretary General of the IFRC. Elhadj As Sy visited the islands from 15 to 21 March 2018.

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of the Marshall Islands is home to 50,000 people, across 29 coral atolls and more than 1,150 islands and islets.

24 Apr 2018 description
report World Bank, GFDRR


Region East Asia and Pacific
Risks Reversal of development gains post-disaster; long term economic and fiscal impacts
Area of Engagement Deepening financial protection

Following a successful pilot program, Pacific Island Countries established a sovereign catastrophe risk insurance company for the region, increasing resilience and access to short-term funds needed to respond to disasters.


14 Apr 2018 description


Disaster events have lasting impacts on people, communities, and socioeconomic development. Countries in the Pacific are among the most exposed, globally, to natural disasters, including floods, droughts, cyclones, and earthquakes. The effects of climate change threaten to increase the severity and frequency of hazard events in the Pacific region, emphasizing the need for Pacific island countries to protect themselves against corresponding social and economic consequences.

12 Apr 2018 description

The following syndromes have been flagged:

· Acute Fever and Rash: Fiji, Northern Marianna Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu

Other Updates:

Meningococcal disease:

· Outbreak of meningococcal disease group C is ongoing in Fiji. The Fiji MHMS will continue to post updates on PacNet. The last update was posted on 6 April 2018 For details of previous updates please refer to: MHMS media release


· There are ongoing dengue serotype-2 outbreaks in Fiji, Vanuatu. The weekly number of cases (dengue serotype-2) reported is decreasing in Tonga and Samoa

05 Apr 2018 description

The following syndromes have been flagged:

• Acute Fever and Rash: Northern Marianna Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu

Other Updates:

Meningococcal disease:

• Outbreak of meningococcal disease group C is ongoing in Fiji. As of 29 March 2018 of there have been 38 cases including 4 deaths since 1 January 2018. Majority of the cases are from the Central division and all cases are less than 19 years of age.