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20 Jan 2019 description

Key issues in the past week:

18,500 new IDPs reported this week.

A total of 1,500 have been verified as displaced by conflict in 2019.

Food cluster reached nearly 162,000 people in need in 8 provinces with 4,400 metric tons (mt) of food.

18,500 New IDPs reported in the past week

218,000 People assisted in the past week

1,500 Total verified IDPs in 2019

Countrywide conflict displacement

20 Jan 2019 description

What is an El Niño event?

El Niño is a warming of surface ocean waters in the eastern tropical Pacific. El Niño events tend to happen every three to seven years and can last from six months to two years. El Niño events can have profound effects on weather patterns around the world, impacting on different regions in different ways.

El Niño impacts in Afghanistan

20 Jan 2019 description

1. Assessment Finding and Recommendation in brief:

Be very concise and provide # of affected people, information about damages, priority needs, and recommended assistance (Who, When, How should be assisted, By which Organization).

18 Jan 2019 description

Operational Updates

  • In December, WFP Afghanistan reached more than 1.3 million drought affected people in 21 provinces across the country. WFP and partners delivered and distributed more than 11,000 metric tons(mt) of food and transferred more than US$2 million to drought-affected families to cover their food needs. Of the people assisted, nearly 250,000 received food rations in December to last the families for two or three months.

18 Jan 2019 description

À la fin du mois de décembre 2018, 21 Plans de réponse humanitaire (HRP) et le Plan régional de réponse pour la Syrie (3RP) nécessitaient 24,93 milliards de dollars pour assister 97,9 millions de personnes ayant un besoin urgent d’assistance humanitaire. Les financements requis restaient identiques à ceux enregistrés à fin du mois de novembre 2018. Les plans sont financés à hauteur de 14,58 milliards de dollars, comblant 58,5% des besoins financiers pour 2018.

18 Jan 2019 description

Increased seasonal rainfall is forecast to relieve dryness throughout southern Africa

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. An erratic rainfall distribution since the Short-Rains season has caused dryness in Somalia,
    Ethiopia, and Kenya.

  2. Continued below average rainfall since October has resulted in widespread dryness throughout southern Africa.

  3. Poor rainfall has led to anomalous dryness across Madagascar. Heavy rainfall forecast later this month is expected to provide relief.

17 Jan 2019 description

Natural Disasters Update: Drought IDP Overview:
Following verification, profiling and mapping by DRC, NRC, UNHCR and IOM in designated settlements and on-going response so far; following is the updated figure of the displaced families in 10 settlements;
• 29,489 families verified through profiling by site management agencies in 10 settlements

17 Jan 2019 description

Bruxelles, le 16 janvier 2019

Alors que le nombre de personnes frappées par des crises humanitaires dans le monde ne cesse de grossir, l'UE a adopté pour 2019 un budget initial annuel pour l'aide humanitaire sans précédent, d'un montant de 1,6 milliard d'euros.

Entre conflits régionaux de longue durée au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique et incidence grandissante du changement climatique sur la planète, les crises humanitaires s'aggravent, tandis que les combats compromettent le bon acheminement de l'aide aux plus nécessiteux.

17 Jan 2019 description

2. Assessment Finding and Recommendation in brief:

Be very concise and provide # of affected people, information about damages, priority needs, and recommended assistance (Who, When, How should be assisted, by which Organization).

17 Jan 2019 description

KUNDUZ - In the northeastern region, religious leaders are countering violent extremism by preaching peace, tolerance and national unity.

During 2018, some religious scholars were advocates and agents of peace, participating in numerous UN-backed events including on television and radio programs rallying communities to join local peace efforts and development programmes.

Leading by example, a group of religious leaders from Badakhshan, Baghlan, Kunduz and Takhar preached similar and consistent sermons of peace, unity and tolerance.

17 Jan 2019 description
report GFDRR


This report highlights the results achieved during fiscal year 2018. It provides an overview of GFDRR’s activities as implemented in countries across its eight areas of engagement. The report also outlines GFDRR’s contribution to the global resilience agenda over the period, and its efforts to develop innovative solutions, tools, and analytical products for strengthening the global knowledge base for disaster risk management.


16 Jan 2019 description

The Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) report on food security and agriculture is produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It provides a quarterly forward-looking analysis of major disaster risks to food security and agriculture, specifically highlighting:

16 Jan 2019 description

Last week in South and Southeast Asia, reported fatalities from political violence increased slightly, while instances of targeted civilian violence sharply declined as part of a visible trend since the last week of December 2018. Key developments included ongoing militant violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan, a significant eruption of labour demonstrations in India and Bangladesh, as well as demonstrations in Thailand over a likely delay in the upcoming February elections.

16 Jan 2019 description

This year's first snow has fallen in the centre and northeastern parts of Afghanistan. More snow and temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius is expected this weekend posing severe risk to displaced Afghans in makeshift shelters.

16 Jan 2019 description
report European Commission

Brussels, 16 January 2019

As more and more people face humanitarian crises worldwide, the EU has adopted its highest ever initial annual humanitarian budget of €1.6 billion for 2019.

From long-lasting conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, to the growing impact of climate change worldwide, humanitarian crises are worsening and conflict threatens aid delivery to those most in need.

16 Jan 2019 description

On January 14th 2019, a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, near the Green Village compound. The blast left at least five dead and over 110 injured.

15 Jan 2019 description


Asia-Pacific remains the world's most disaster-prone region and, in 2018, natural disasters once again affected millions of people. During the year the region experienced a number of sudden-onset disasters that prompted international responses, including Tropical Cyclone Gita in Tonga (February), a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Papua New Guinea (February), Tropical Storm Son Tinh in Lao PDR (August), Cyclone Mangkhut in the Philippines (September) and a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia's Central Sulawesi province (October).

15 Jan 2019 description


  • 1,4141 total returns from Iran and Pakistan since 01 Jan 2019
  • 13,511 total returns from Iran since 01 Jan 2019
  • 630 total returns from Pakistan since 01 Jan 2019
  • 7,790 undocumented Afghans returned from Iran
  • 205 undocumented Afghans returned from Pakistan
  • 5% of returnees from Iran (419 individuals) assisted
  • 75% of returnees from Pakistan (154 individuals) assisted

Return from Iran

15 Jan 2019 description


This is the first IOM Regional Data Report on Asia and the Pacific. This statistical product highlights the complex migration trends that characterize this region of the world. The report is predominantly based on IOM primary data collection activities and covers the whole 2017 and the first six months of 2018.