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01 Oct 2009 description

Our partner gears up for response to Guatemalan hunger crisis as the country's president declares a "state of calamity" with severe food shortages already affecting thousands

Adverse weather conditions have had a devastating effect on Guatemala's food supplies. The current drought has caused 54,000 families to lose their crops of corn and beans, particularly in the area known as the "dry corridor."

It is estimated that 60-80 per cent of the next harvest will fail, which could mean shortages for a further 400,000 people by the end of the year.

18 Oct 2005 description

Poverty and hunger have led to land erosion in Guatemala, contributing to the huge amount of damage sustained during the hurricane, reports CAFOD's Debbie Wainwright

17 Oct 2005 description

CAFOD's Debbie Wainwright reports from Panajab in Central Guatemala, where survivors of Hurricane Stan are struggling to piece their lives back together

Walking around what is left of the village of Panajab in central Guatemala, it is impossible to believe there could be any survivors.