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19 Dec 2018 description

This Rohingya Influx Overview (RIO) details how needs of the Rohingya population in Cox’s Bazar district have evolved in key sectors and identifies new issues that have arisen. The report covers data collected in November and draws comparisons between previous rounds of data collection from September and July.

Key findings:

• In comparison to data gathered in September, a slight shift away from the use of firewood toward more sustainable sources of fuel can be observed.

19 Dec 2018 description

Tunis, 19/12/2018 - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, in collaboration with the Libyan Ministry of Health, and with support from the UK Department of International development (DFID), is organizing a three-day training workshop on Sensitive and Responsive Health Services and Basic Infection Prevention and Control targeting frontline health care professionals from Bani Walid.

19 Dec 2018 description

(December 4, 2018 – New York) Bolivia has become the 82nd country to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration, an inter-governmental commitment to better protect students, teachers, schools, and universities during armed conflict, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack today.

19 Dec 2018 description

Today, the Director General of Taawon (Welfare Association), Dr. Tafeeda Jarbawi, and the UNRWA Director of Communications and Spokesperson, Mr. Sami Mshasha, signed a US$ 1.5 million Memorandum of Understanding to support the UNRWA education programme.

The grant, which has been made possible through joint matched funding from Taawon and the Open Society Foundations, will enhance critical thinking skills at UNRWA schools and provide psycho-social and counselling support to Palestine refugee students across Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Syria.

19 Dec 2018 description



The 22th round of data collection took place in September and October 2018.
Between 26 August and 24 September 2018, southern Tripoli witnessed clashes between armed groups, triggering population movements of both local populations and migrants to safer locations, often in near-by municipalities. Following the end of hostilities, these movements were reversed as the situation gradually stabilized and livelihood opportunities, such as daily labor, became available again for migrants.

19 Dec 2018 description

In Numbers

  • 8.4 million people food insecure in Eswatini, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe
  • 4.1 million people to receive food, cash or vouchers to address immediate lean season needs
  • Additional USD 171 million required to meet the food needs in the six countries over the lean season (December 2018 - April 2019)


19 Dec 2018 description


  • Wheat production phased out in 2016, green fodder phasing out in 2019

  • Cereal import requirements forecast to increase in 2018/19

  • Subsidy cuts moving slower, new VAT scheme introduced in January 2018

Wheat production phased out in 2016, green forage phasing out in 2019

To stop depletion of local water reserves, the country terminated its wheat cultivation by the end of the 2015/16 marketing year.

19 Dec 2018 description

19/12/2018 - by Olivia Warrick, Climate Centre, New Zealand

Drought is a tricky hazard to prepare for in the Pacific – a silent, slow-onset disaster whose impacts may appear only gradually over months, making early warning early action difficult.

Now a group of regional agencies have got together to add Tuvalu to the list of Pacific island nations supported with developing science-based early warning for drought and prolonged dry conditions.

19 Dec 2018 description

Contexte humanitaire

Depuis la fin de l’année 2016, la République Centrafricaine (RCA) traverse à nouveau une période turbulente qui se caractérise par une détérioration progressive de la situation humanitaire et sécuritaire sur toute l’étendue du pays.

19 Dec 2018 description

USAID Assists Drought-Affected Families with Food and Nutrition Support as Winter Approaches in Afghanistan

Poor rainfall, harsh winter, ceaseless conflict, long-term displacement.

Any one of these hardships would be too much to bear, but as drought and conflict drive widespread humanitarian need throughout Afghanistan, many families are facing them all.

19 Dec 2018 description


  • 0 case was reported
  • 0 death was reported.

Epidemiological Summary:

The total number of suspected cholera cases reported in Yobe state is 1,813 with 61 associated deaths (CFR 3.36%). In the state, up to 591 cases have been reported in Gulani LGA, 485 cases in Gujba LGA and 489 cases in Damaturu LGA. In Fune LGA, 181 cases were reported and 67 cases were reported in Potiskum LGA.

19 Dec 2018 description

1. Introduction

1.1. Why local building cultures are important today

All over the world, societies have managed to produce, adapt and develop their habitat according to their needs, interests, aspirations, preferences and abilities, making the best use of locally available materials. Strategies developed take advantage of natural resources to protect against the destructive forces of nature and have always generated rich and varied knowledge at local levels.

19 Dec 2018 description

Principal Findings

What’s new? Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has quelled a civic uprising through violence, intimidation and prosecution of protesters without due process. More than 300 people died in clashes pitting protesters against police and parapolice groups. Protests have since subsided, with many opponents fleeing into exile. Talks between the sides have collapsed.

19 Dec 2018 description


  • 12 additional suspected cases of cholera were reported in week 50 in Borno State
  • No death was reported

Epidemiological Summary

19 Dec 2018 description


A total of 561 migrants were registered at MRCs across the region in November. The largest number of migrants was registered in Semera (195), followed by Bosasso (141),

19 Dec 2018 description

Faits saillants

• Plus de 373 000 personnes sont retournées de l’Angola entre octobre et décembre dans cinq provinces de la République démocratique du Congo, selon les sources officielles. Le flux a sensiblement baissé depuis novembre cependant le risque de reprise demeure.

19 Dec 2018 description


The Yemen Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI) was launched by REACH in collaboration with the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Cluster and the Cash and Market Working Group (CMWG) to support humanitarian actors with the harmonization of price monitoring among all cash actors in Yemen.