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Nigeria: First Report on Children and Armed Conflict Details Violations Suffered by Children as a Result of Boko Haram’s Insurgency and Ensuing Conflict

New York –Boys and girls in north-east Nigeria continue to be brutalized as a result of Boko Haram’s insurgency in the region and the ensuing conflict. This is the conclusion of the first “Report of...


Mali: La Coordination des Mouvements de l’Azawad signe un Plan d’action pour mettre fin et prévenir le recrutement et l’utilisation d’enfants et la violence sexuelle envers les enfants dans les conflits

New York – La Coordination des Mouvements de l’Azawad (CMA), une coalition de mouvements armés signataire de l’accord de paix d’Alger, qui comprend le Mouvement national de libération de l’Azawad...

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Annual Report to the Human Rights Council: Major Achievements Despite Ongoing Violations of Children’s Rights 20 Years After the Creation of the Mandate of the SRSG for Children and Armed Conflict

New York – In her annual report to the Human Rights Council, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict highlighted the progress accomplished since the...