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06 Sep 2018 description
training Registration deadline: 30 Sep 2018 Training date: 01 Oct 2018 International Committee of the Red Cross, CHS Alliance

Why do certain changes take place quickly, and in some instances without friction, while other issues stall? Is there a secret to successful change or just a series of traps to avoid?

30 Oct 2017 description
training Ongoing course International Committee of the Red Cross

Upcoming MOOC “Introduction to Public Health Engineering in Humanitarian Contexts” The International Committee of the Red Cross and Eawag-Sandec have joined forces to develop our next MOOC, entitled “Introduction to Public Health Engineering in Humanitarian Contexts”. The 5-week course will be launched on November 6 in English with French and Spanish subtitles. In case you miss the first round, don’t worry: The course will be repeated every four weeks thereafter.

23 Jun 2015 description
training Ongoing course International Committee of the Red Cross

The ICRC is offering an e-learning module on the legal framework applicable to health care during armed conflicts and other emergencies.

The module offers a practical and interactive approach to learning based on a variety of pedagogical tools.Thanks to its user-friendly accessibility, the module suits the needs of a variety of publics, with or without a legal background.

05 Nov 2014 description
training Ongoing course International Committee of the Red Cross

Are you a doctor wondering how to interact with the media, or a nurse wondering how to treat patient information in difficult circumstances? Are you an ambulance driver unsure of what your responsibilities are? Are you a hospital administrator wondering what to do with overwhelming numbers of deceased patients? If so, the Health Care in Danger project's new e-learning module on the responsibilities of health-care personnel is for you.

10 Oct 2014 description

The 3 hours interactive course, focuses on security and safety related aspects for Red Cross Red Crescent personnel undertaking humanitarian field operations. It includes a number of modules such as security and beneficiary interaction, field movement, vehicle safety, telecommunications, working in insecure environments, health, personal security and Red Cross Red Crescent security framework.

The course is free of charge and applies to any humanitarian local staff or volunteer interested in enhancing their security knowledge.

06 Oct 2014 description

Total horas del curos: 30 Horas académicas


Base legal:

  • Constitución área del Buen Vivir
  • Código de Protección Civil
  • Ley de Defensa Contra Incendios
  • Sistema de auditoría de riesgos del trabajo SART
  • Normas INEN

Conceptos básicos