Free Online Course on Women’s Rights & Gender equality Organizations and Initiatives in Egypt

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is an international human rights organization working to defend and advocate for the rights of religious, ethnic, linguistic, and national minorities worldwide MRG works in line with the human rights framework with reference to key human rights instruments, notably the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious, and Linguistic Minorities (UNDM). MRG offers a free online course for women’s rights and Gender Equality organizations, Feminist activists, and feminist studies organizations based or working in Egypt. It aims to enhance the knowledge and skills to combat intersectional discrimination facing women from different religious and ethnic communities, using gender and minority rights mainstreaming mechanisms.

Course objectives

  • To introduce the principles of minority rights in international human rights law and the concept of intersectional discrimination.
  • To sensitize issues faced by women belonging to different ethnic and religious groups in Egypt.
  • To develop skills of national and international advocacy and assist the participants to utilize it in their work, advocacy, and/or negotiations with decision makers.
  • To support a networking space between feminist organizations and members of minorities and further explore local minority women’s issues.


The content of the course is divided into 2 compulsory modules, and 1 elective module, each sub-divided into a number of short sections.

The compulsory modules will include:

  1. Introduction to Minority Rights in International Human Rights Law
  2. Gender and Other Basis for Intersectional Discrimination

The elective module is to be selected from the following:

  1. International Advocacy for Minority Rights
  2. National Advocacy for Minority Rights
  3. Cultural Advocacy for Change
  4. Monitoring and Documentation of Human Rights Abuses
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Organizational Management for Human Rights Organizations
  7. Countering Hate speech

Topics do not need to be completed all at once and may be revisited later. The material will be accessible during the time of the course. Most topics contain a short quiz or a series of exercises designed to help students apply their knowledge. Every module will include an introductory webinar.


Candidates must be affiliated with women’s rights, feminist, gender studies, women’s empowerment and development organizations or initiatives. Members of minority communities in Egypt are particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants originally from other countries in the MENA region working or with an interest in working in/on Egypt will be considered, but kindly be aware that the priority will be given to Egyptian applicants.


The course will run from October to November 2022.

Application process

Please apply by filling this form before 9 October 2022. Any queries should be addressed to egypt [at]

How to register