Reporting Skills & Professional Writing Training




This practical course will teach you how to create reports that lead to action and support good project decision-making. You will learn a process for reporting that will reduce wasted time and deadline stressand lead to writing that has greater impact.

Through a combination of coached, live sessions on Zoom and self-study (downloadable course videos, worksheets and extra materials) you will learn how to:

  • Set reporting objectives and select the most appropriate data collection methods
  • Analyse data and draw conclusions / identify lessons learned
  • Plan your writing around the report objectives and reader's needs
  • Organise your ideas in a logical, persuasive way
  • Communicate clearly and in a way that keeps your readers interested and alert

The course addresses the challenges faced by development professionals in reporting and professional writing in a way that allows for maximum practical work. While you will get all the theory you need, you will learn the steps and tools in a way that you can apply time after time after the course is over so that:

  • You will always know what to do each time you report
  • Your reports will be actionable - contributing to better managed, more responsive projects and better results
  • Your reports will take less time and be of higher quality



This is combination of live meetings conducted using ZOOM and off-line self study.

As soon as you sign up you get immediate, lifetime access to all the course materials - downloadable course videos, worksheets and extra materials.

There are five weekly live meetings over the course period, to give you enough time to apply the learning to your own project concept while still managing your regular work. Each Wednesday, (see the curriculum in the link for exact dates), we meet live at 09:00 UTC for around 60 minutes to review / preview and deal with questions. Between meetings you work through the materials and tasks (videos and exercises) and share work in progress. You can see current UTC time here.


When the course is completed you are given 10 days to submit your own report for personal feedback.


After the course is completed you will be issued your certificate.

"The course was engaging and relevant. Neil was able to deliver the course in a manner that was simple and easy to understand." - Yvonne Manase, Public Health Cosultant, Zimbabwe

"I've learnt what I needed. I have a better understanding of the principles of professional writing and the writing process. I have been able to apply the learned skills to my writing and I appreciate the change. If I had had it earlier, I would have written better reports!" - Florence Naluyinda-Kitabire, Public Health Consultant, Uganda

"I've never experienced a course like ELD before. It's amazing, effective and enhanced my English writing." - Nazrul Islam, District Facilitator, UNDP Bangladesh

"I have started to apply the skills I gained from the online training almost immediately. I found the course to be highly relevant and eye-opening. I would recommend the course to anyone who has to prepare written reports in their work." - Haifa Naeem, Consultant, Anti-Corruption Commission, Maldives

Course Advantages

· Combines face-to-face sessions with flexible off-line study

· No travel costs

· Lifetime access to all training materials and videos

· Post-course personal feedback

Fee information

Fee information

Registration and tuition fee - USD $500.00

A zoom-guided training course - a combination of live meetings, pre-recorded high quality videos & exercises - lifetime access to all materials - certificate - personal feedback

How to register

To see the complete training curriculum and register for this course please visit: REPORTING SKILLS & PROFESSIONAL WRITING: 05 - 26 OCTOBER 2022 | ELD ( or conatct us at