MOOC Business and Human Rights - 2022 edition

Business and human rights are still often seen in opposition: companies hardly value the human toll of their profitable production; governments often fail to protect business-related human rights defenders. But responsible businesses can prevent potential damages and offer space for accountability and redress. States regulations and policies can shape business behaviour and help ensure human rights protection.

The Global Campus of Human Rights is proud to offer again one of its most successful MOOCs, enriched with updates and deeper focus on children’s rights. Applying a multi-regional approach, the MOOC on Business and Human Rights focuses on the link between companies, states and human rights with attention to the protection of human rights defenders, the concept of mandatory due diligence, recent case-law, and children’s rights issues.

The MOOC is articulated in two modules:

Module 1 focuses on the general international framework on business and human rights. It summarily explains standards, mechanisms, benefits and challenges in the current set up, especially at the United Nations and regional level.

Module 2 is dedicated to specific themes of pressing value: the protection of human rights defenders working on business-related abuses; the case-law emerging from recent developments; corporate responsibility to respect human rights and the development of legislation on mandatory due diligence; the challenges of intersectionality and in particular the rights of children in relation to business practices.

Designed in cooperation with lecturers and experts from the 7 Regional Master’s Programmes of the GC, the MOOC offers a wealth of specialised knowledge and examples, enabling participants to benefit from rich and varied competences.

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The MOOC is free and open to participants from around the world who are actively interested and engaged in business and human rights work

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