Responsible Business Conduct: Triggers & Trends

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New to ESG, CSR, UNGPs, GRI, LTO, VPs, and all of that? In this introductory course, participants explore the responsibilities of businesses for the impacts they are having on the environment, on people, on local communities, and on the societies in which they work. The course explores the conflicts and incidents that have triggered the concepts behind the various acronyms used. Participants learn about the trends that are shaping international and national debates on responsible business conduct.

The course compares the various multi-stakeholder and multilateral initiatives that have called for companies to “do-no-harm”. Participants take a closer look at the principles, standards, and guidelines that have been developed to prevent negative and, where possible, leverage positive impacts. The course focuses specifically on the role and responsibilities of businesses in low-income and fragile contexts and discusses if and how companies can contribute to preventing conflicts and possibly even support peacebuilding efforts.

As a participant, you will:

  • gain an understanding of responsible business conduct and compare the various terms and concepts used.
  • learn about the incidents that have triggered the development of principles, standards, and guidelines aimed at clarifying the responsibilities of businesses vis-à-vis society, communities, and individuals.
  • look at some examples and discuss trends, focusing especially on the challenges of businesses that operate and invest in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.
  • understand the challenges and opportunities of implementing responsible business principles, standards, and guidelines in practice.
  • exchange experiences and become part of a community of practice.

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Tuition Fee 1100 CHF

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