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The ability to effectively negotiate in stressful circumstances is a skill which is essential to every humanitarian worker: from the field-based aid worker negotiating access on the frontline to the manager in headquarters talking to donors and governments.

The Clingendael humanitarian negotiation training aims to enhance the negotiating capacity of humanitarian workers.

Training approach

Since 2017, Clingendael Academy has trained over 600 humanitarian workers of 30+ (I)NGOs and UN agencies in essential negotiation skills.

Our interactive online training introduces negotiation theory to help you in your practice. Through online modules and specially designed simulations and role plays, you can immediately apply the new acquired tools and insights. This five day training is a mix of online self-paced modules and live sessions. There is space for debriefing and learning from each other’s experience.

Practical information

This training is meant for humanitarian aid workers who are currently employed in this field, and for whom humanitarian negotiations play a role in their regular activities. Please note that aid workers from a local or national NGO will be given priority.

· You will need a stable and good quality internet connection throughout the entire training

· This is an interactive online training; some parts are self-paced, other parts are live with the trainers and with the other participants

· The training takes place from Monday 15 November - Friday 19 November 2021**

· This is a digital training, with daily online sessions, which will most likely take place sometime between 08:00 and 16:00 UTC, daily. However, you will need time to do homework before and after the session. Therefore, you cannot combine this training with a regular working week.

· You need to be available for the entire training and all training components are mandatory.

· The working language is English. You need to be able to read and converse easily in this language in order to have active participation to this training.

· If you have participated throughout the entire training, you will receive a certificate.

· There are no costs or fees related to this training.

We encourage participants to check how the time zone of the training compares to your time zone before applying to this course.

We have limited places available in this training. Therefore, if we received more applications than we can accommodate, we will have to make a selection. Please do not apply if you do not fit all the criteria above.


For questions regarding this training, kindly contact Ms Marlies Rotshuizen, ( Academy Fellow, Clingendael Academy.

Fee information:

There are no fees for participation in this training.

How to register

You can apply for this training via this link:

The closing date for applications is 31 October. Selected candidates will be contacted after that date. In case you are selected, we will ask for an endorsement letter from your organisation.