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Welcome to the Fifth Edition of the Certification in Conflict Mediation and Peacebuilding. This is a course that the Magnolia Foundation for Peace and Wellness has promoted to support and to give tools to those who want to contribute to reconciliation, healing, and justice in the world. ⁣

From the hand of the instructor, Juan Carlos Lucero, lawyer and specialist in mediation, you will learn:

  • MODULE 1: CONFLICT THEORY. Study of concepts and tools from the field of conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

  • MODULE 2: CONFLICT ANALYSIS. Practical module where you will learn how to use the three essential tools for conflict analysis, including narrative analysis; conflict mapping; and scenario analysis.

  • MODULO 3: CONFLICT MEDIATION. Practical module in which you will learn and practice how to conduct a mediation process, as well as the preparation of the physical space in which it will take place.

  • MODULE 4: CULTURE OF PEACE. Based on the concept of “moral imagination” we will study the tools to design and facilitate community dialogues

Is this certification for you?

  • Do you want to increase your knowledge in peacebuilding?

  • Would you like to contribute to peacebuilding with the necessary theoretical and practical tools?

  • Are you willing to mediate conflicts in your family, company, school, community, group of friends and want to do it the right way?

  • Do you have previous experience in the field of conflict mediation?

  • Do you work with local and international organizations and want to understand more about peace?

Methodology: semi-attendance course once a week, 2 hours long, for 8 weeks (16 hours of live-attendance video classes and 4 hours of autonomous work).

This course has both theoretical bases and practical tools to facilitate mediation. This certification will be mostly participative where we will do group activities; we will analyze real case studies, and you will learn step by step how to facilitate mediation. The workgroups will be between 10 to 12 students so that while you will be able to interact with people of different nationalities who are currently working for peace, we will also give you personalized accompaniment.

This course will not only provide you peace tools and favor your inner circle, but you will also make it possible for this course to reach vulnerable populations or victims of the conflict in Colombia.


English group: Thursdays 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (Madrid Time) / October 7 - November 25

Spanish group: Wednesdays 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (Bogotá Time) / October 6 - November 24

Who is the instructor?

Juan Carlos Lucero is a lawyer, holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Mediation from the University of Cadiz, Spain, and represented his country at the G-20 Global Leadership Program in South Korea.

Most recently, he served as Field Officer for the UN Verification Mission in Colombia, supporting the implementation of the Peace Accord.

He also facilitated global dialogues in Geneva, Switzerland, for the ILO; accompanied collective mediations between shipping unions and business groups in southern Spain and drafted recommendations for the Conflict Resolution Commission of the Ministry of Labor in Guatemala.

He currently resides in Egypt where he is learning Middle East studies and Arabic language.

Fee information



We have a number of scholarships available that will cover up to 50% of the total value of the certification. These will be awarded according to the profile and needs of the candidates.

Fee information

USD$120 includes 8 online sessions and a certificate.

How to register

To register go to https://wearemagnolia.org/mediation/ and complete the registration form.

If you have any question you can send en e-mail to: magnoliaespaz@gmail.com