European Commission Funding: Writing a Winning Concept Note

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Many NGOs dream of receiving funding from the European Commission (EC) one day. But while getting funding from the EC would be a total game changer for most NGOs, the application process also has the reputation of being incredibly complicated and difficult. Understanding what it is exactly that the Commission wants is often daunting.

Drafting a comprehensive concept note under highly competitive conditions often discourages organizations from even applying. Those that do apply frequently end up wasting a lot of time and resources drafting unsuccessful proposals by staff not duly equipped to translate the needs of the organization into project proposals attractive to the EC.

But don´t let that deter you from trying! We have just the right thing for you!

We have developed this online course exactly to help NGOs to get their foot into the door and to learn how to draft successful concept notes for the European Commission! This course will help you to develop the concept note drafting technique and maximize your organizations chances of obtaining funding.

After finishing the course, you will:

  • Understand how to accurately read and interpret the call for proposals guidelines
  • Understand the criteria on which basis the European Commission will assess your proposal and how you can best respond to them
  • Understand how to adapt your own project to the guidelines of the call for proposals
  • Get new hints on how to draft an attractive and highly competitive concept note following the EC format
  • Obtain answers to the questions you always wanted to know

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$150 All the important aspects of mentioned topic Videos in which experts share the inside scoop Supporting material.

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