Free Webinar: “Creating thematic maps with ActivityInfo”

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This Webinar is a one-hour session part of the 2021 ActivityInfo Training Webinar Series.

During this session, we will introduce and explore the thematic map visualizations in ActivityInfo.

We will discuss how maps can be used to display various aspects of your programmes and to collaborate on interventions.

More specifically, some of the key points we will cover are:

  • Designing 3W maps
  • Mapping quantitative indicators
  • Supporting needs assessments with maps
  • Crowd-sourcing and sharing geographic data
  • Sharing and collaborating on maps
  • Publishing interactive maps and including them on your website

There will also be a Q&A session.

The Webinar will be in English, participation is free of charge and there are limited seats available.

The ActivityInfo Training Webinar Series is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about ActivityInfo and who wish to master various features and aspects of the platform for their daily work in Monitoring and Evaluation data collection activities or information management tasks.

The content of this Training Webinar will be particularly useful for colleagues who are responsible for managing data residing in the ActivityInfo platform or who wish to understand how Map Reports work to start using them for their information management activities.

Feel free to share the Webinar with your colleagues, bring your questions and register in time at

About ActivityInfo

ActivityInfo is an information management software that can be used for monitoring and evaluation, case management, inter-agency coordination, in multiple settings. It is ideal for collaboration on data collection and reporting and works online and offline. Since 2009, ActivityInfo facilitates team and partners coordination for hundreds of organizations worldwide. ActivityInfo is optimized for reporting on activities which are geographically dispersed and implemented by multiple partner organizations. Originally developed for UNICEF’s emergency program in eastern DRC, ActivityInfo is a service provided by BeDataDriven, a company based in The Hague, Netherlands. Learn more at

How to register

Registration is free and can be done at Once registered, you will receive the link to the Webinar in the email you provided. Please note that the webinars are recorded and shared publicly.