Free self-paced Course: “Mastering the basics of information management with ActivityInfo”

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This course is a free, online, self-paced training course and is part of the ActivityInfo Academy.

With this course, you can master the most important features in ActivityInfo to create an information management system of intermediate complexity for your data collection and reporting needs. The course includes theory and tutorials presented in the form of videos, long-form text, downloadable reference material, and quizzes to test your newly acquired knowledge.

The course topics covered are:

  • Section 1: Introduction to information management and information systems.
  • Section 2: Design and configure a basic data collection system in ActivityInfo.
  • Section 3: Expand the basic data collection system with hierarchies and advanced structures.
  • Section 4: Create pivot table reports to summarize and share information.
  • Section 5: Configure roles and assign permissions to databases.
  • Section 6: Ensure and improve data quality using additional features.

The course is in English and can be followed at your own pace, any time.

It is ideal for anyone interested in understanding better the relationship between Logical frameworks and efficient online information systems and for people who want to move their M&E system to the ActivityInfo platform. The content of the course is particularly useful for colleagues who are responsible for designing MIS or data collection systems for programmes and projects in their organization and who wish to learn how to use the platform to streamline coordination on these activities.

Feel free to share the self-paced course with your colleagues and to enroll anytime at:

The ActivityInfo Academy is a brand-new initiative launched with the objective to offer free, self-paced courses on various aspects of information management and the platform. It is addressed to anyone interested in learning more about ActivityInfo and who wish to master various features and aspects of the platform for their daily work in Monitoring and Evaluation data collection activities or information management tasks.

About ActivityInfo

ActivityInfo is an information management software that can be used for monitoring and evaluation, case management, inter-agency coordination, in multiple settings. It is ideal for collaboration on data collection and reporting and works online and offline. Since 2009, ActivityInfo facilitates team and partners coordination for hundreds of organizations worldwide. ActivityInfo is optimized for reporting on activities which are geographically dispersed and implemented by multiple partner organizations. Originally developed for UNICEF’s emergency program in eastern DRC, ActivityInfo is a service provided by BeDataDriven, a company based in The Hague, Netherlands. Learn more at

How to register

Enrollment is free and can be done at Once you enroll in the course, you will be able to access all the available material of the self-paced course using the account you created.