Evaluating and Managing for Sustainable Development Impact

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The development landscape has become increasingly complex over the last few decades. Many of the issues we face today, such as climate change, poverty, and conflict, call for a new way of doing business, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Managing for Sustainable Development Impact (M4SDI) approach, which is central to this short course, supports leaders and development practitioners in navigating this complexity and manage initiatives/organizations successfully towards sustainable development impact.

What will you learn?

In this course, that focuses on the M4SDI approach, you learn:

  • To use an integrated, results-oriented management approach that can be used across a range of sectors and domains, in a variety of contexts;
  • How to engage primary stakeholders;
  • Designing effective strategies and relate monitoring and evaluation (M&E), focussing on capacity development and responding to change in a complex context.

During this course you first of all strengthen your competency to manage for impact in your own individual sphere of work. Secondly, it helps you play a more effective role in helping your organisation manage for sustainable development impact. Please find a more detailed course programme overview below.

Course programme in more detail

In this course, we focus on effective M&E capacities and functions that activate the ability of your initiative/organization to be responsive and proactive. Rather than being a mere add-on, M&E then becomes pivotal in navigating evolving processes and changing contexts in which many development initiatives operate. Want to know more about this course? View below the detailed programme of the course Evaluating and Managing for sustainable development impact.

Fee information

EUR 4,600.00 - This covers the tuition of the course. Since this course is online, there are no costs for accommodation, insurance or travel.

Early-bird deadline 28 September 2021

Deadline on October 12th 2021 for Orange Knowledge Programme scholarships and MENA scholarship programme.

How to register

For whom is this course?

You will focus on M&E in the context of and at the service of core management processes. We welcome participants who are interested in making that connection work for sustainable development impact, whether they are from government offices, (I)NGOs, knowledge institutes, private sector, or consultancy firms.

Managers, M&E officers, planning officers, evaluators etc are all welcome to this course.
To apply, please visit the following link

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