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Although a number of programs, courses and training on Civil Military Cooperation issues exist, the current globalization trends, mass movements, climate change, International crime, brought to the surface a wide array of new challenges and new training gaps to be filled from a Crises Response Operations point of view. In the light of NATO contribution to a Comprehensive approach to CROs, this course is aimed to fill these gaps.

The CIMIC Intercultural Mediator Course (CIMC), built in close cooperation with relevant academic actors, is designed to remain flexible and modular in nature to better adapt to the new constantly and rapidly evolving scenarios. Additionally, the course will also benefit from the experience of subject matter experts who have performed intercultural mediation across different scenarios.

The four, intertwined pillars of this new educational tool are:

Geo-strategic context,

Communication & Negotiation principles

Intercultural Mediator & CIMIC

Psychological, anthropological and sociological principles

Educational methodology is based on theoretical lectures aimed to achieve an interactive participation, case study analysis both in the individual and group forms, topic discussion in syndicate groups and plenary sessions, application of techniques through the development of practical exercise in syndicate groups. The student’s evaluation will be based upon the results of the practical exercises and a final written test.

The course is aimed to fully engage students into the complexity of the current and more relevant geo-strategic scenarios and provide basic knowledge and competences to fulfil the role of the intercultural mediator as the main facilitator for the establishment of an effective liaison between military actors and the ample complex and intercultural domain of the non-military actors.

The secondary purpose is to enhance CIMIC personnel skills & capabilities to face the new challenges of modern Theatres of Operations from hybrid threats to mass migrations, from Climate change to Trans-national criminal activities.

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You can register within 20th Aug. 2021 by filling the on-line form at:

Contacts: - tel.n. 0039 0422 280130