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Goal of the Training:
The aim of the program is to prepare participants for complex evaluation work in public-private partnership and decent work in global institutions of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. In theoretical and practical lessons, participants learn in[1]depth knowledge of M&E with according tools to apply concepts and scientific methods of project evaluation and basic principles of project management.

Target Group:
We invite graduates from technical colleges and universities in the fields of social sciences, economics, natural sciences, humanities, engineering, law, geography or with comparable degrees to apply for our program. Especially, individuals with professional experience in development cooperation, humanitarian aid or the nonprofit sector in general are addressed. The Training also enables to work as self-employed consultant.
Training Procedure:
The duration of the training is 7 months in total, including 3 months of internship followed by the exam week. The internship in self-selected institutions and companies offers the opportunity to set priorities and supports a successful entry into the job market in Germany or worldwide. Trainers from international institutions pave the way for direct contact with future fields of work. Especially through the cooperation with CEval - Center for Evaluation, we were able to sharpen the course content with unique methodological competence according to the needs, so that the bridge between theoretical university education and its application in various empirical fields is built. While all the trainings are online, the final exam week will take place in Witzenhausen if possible, also to get to know the participants personally and to celebrate the achievement of the certificates together.

Fee information

Fee: 6.206,58 €- Payment in installments: 7 installments of 886,65 € each.

The fee mainly includes the training phases A: Seminars / Workshops / Group Work / Field Trips (17 weeks online) and phase C: Final Exam week (1 week – if possible - presence in Witzenhausen/Germany), including personal coaching if necessary. For the phase B: Internship in an institution or a company (12 weeks) of your choice, individual salaries can be negotiated with the organizations / institutions.

We would like to remind the Sponsorship through Education Voucher: The program can be supported by the German Federal Agency for Work (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and the Job Center (ALG I or ALG II through the education voucher Bildungsgutschein).

How to register

Applications for the Training Program:

Please send a short letter of motivation (Email preferred) and your CV with photo to

Mr. Sören Keding at the following address:

No Application Deadline!

Please register for the information session via email:

Feel free to call us for any questions

For further Information:

Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Entwicklung mbH -GNE-

Steinstraße 19 (University Campus)

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telephone: 05542-502 917 0