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The mine action sector is increasingly being called upon to help to address the humanitarian impact of the widespread use of IEDs in recent conflicts. Taught by instructors with decades of operational experience in the location, identification and rendering safe of IEDs in some of the world’s most perilous conflict zones, the combined IMAS IEDD L1 (Search) and L2 (IEDD Assistant) course is for those who are already IMAS EOD Level 2 qualified or hold equivalent, recognised military or law enforcement EOD and IEDD qualifications. This course is particularly suited to those wanting to step up to a higher level of ability to enhance both their skill set and their employability on both national-security and humanitarian IEDD contracts

On successful completion of this combined course, students will have acquired the requisite knowledge, skills and methodology, consistent with IMAS 09:31:

  • The Level 1 (IEDD) qualification enables the trained holder of the qualification to understand the broad threat context, processes of Threat Assessment and Threat Analysis, to recognise IEDs expected within the specific context in which they have been trained, to prepare IEDD equipment and, under supervision, to search for IEDs as part of a clearance team. They may be directed to support the execution of semi-remote actions by an appropriately qualified supervisor; Level One personnel are not qualified to plan or conduct render safe procedures;

  • In addition to the skills of a Level 1 (IEDD) qualification, the Level 2 (IEDD) qualification enables the holder to understand and critically evaluate the assessed threat: Level Two operators are qualified to supervise the preparation of IEDD equipment and, under supervision, to apply remote or semi-remote actions designed to locate IEDs. Level Two personnel are not qualified to plan or conduct render safe procedures.

Fee information

The course fee is €6,990.00. The course fees include all training, training materials, equipment, certification, accommodation, all meals, transfers between Pristina airport and the school, Category A insurance for handling live explosives during the practical phase of your course and Kosovar visa fee if needed. Please note that COVID-19 PCR tests are not included in the course fee if this is required for your travel back home.

How to register

To register please visit our website, send us an email to or contact us via Skype at PCM ERW