How to Raise Funds from USAID

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Many NGOs seek funding from USAID but are ultimately not successful. Because the applications have the reputation of being incredibly complicated and time-consuming, some don´t even try anymore. This is a pity, as USAID has a huge budget (20 billion in 2018 alone) and is working in many sectors in more than 130 countries - so probably in your country as well. In this self-directed online course, our experienced instructor Erik will guide you through the entire process of applying for a grant with USAID and will share his best tips of more than 20 years of working in the fundraising field with you.

This online course will cover four main topics:

  • What is USAID?
  • How does USAID work?
  • How to apply?
  • Tips and Tricks to make your applications successful

After finishing this course, you will know how to decide if it is worth to apply to any given opportunity by USAID, what to look out for, and what can distinguish your proposal from the others in the pile. Erik shares a lot of his first hand experiences, which are very helpful to understand the process.

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$150 This course contents: All the important aspects of mentioned topic Videos in which experts share the inside scoop Supporting material.

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