Theory of Change

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Theory of change is an approach to project design that describes a process of planned change, from the assumptions that guide its design, the planned interventions and outcomes to the longer-term impacts it seeks to achieve. It is both a product that helps to visually communicate a programme logic, and a process of articulating the implicit assumptions about how and why change happens. This workshop introduces participants to Theory of Change as an approach, product and a process for programme design and evaluation


Having completed the course, participants will understand:

• Theory of change as a product and a process

• Theory of change as an approach to dealing with complexity

• How ToC, logic models, logframes etc. relate to one another

• How to use ToC as a tool for programme design and evaluation

• The importance of being clear about why change happens – linking pathways of change to programme theories

• How assumptions and pre-conditions build your pathways to change

• How to communicate a theory of change

• How to use theory of change to shape your evaluation and learning

Benefits of attending

Participants will be able to:

• Develop a theory of change

• Draw a diagrammatic representation of their TOC

• Use Theory of Change for an evaluation

Fee information

$ 315 / R 4 700. excl VAT For participants from US, Canada, Europe, and all funders, consultants and private sector organizations

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