EuropeAid uncovered: managing EU funded Grants

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3-day training module to strengthen the learners’ capacity to successfully manage EU-funded projects

Course Description

Discover what a grant is and what it means signing a Grant contract and applying PRAG rules. Be prepared for managing EuropeAid-funded projects by acquiring competences in cost eligibility, procurement, monitoring, reporting and visibility. Ensure fruitful partnerships and coordination mechanisms, know how to properly deal with changes during project implementation and be ready for the expenditure verification and other audit exercises. Participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills to solve all types of issues and challenges in the implementation of all types of projects financed by DG DEVCO (EuropeAid), DG NEAR and the EU Delegations.

The course will refer to the most recent PRAG rules.

Specific Objective

To ensure a correct application of the key rules for a smooth management of EU-funded projects and the use of proper monitoring system and tools.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Know and properly apply PRAG procedures concerning Grants (e.g. costs eligibility, visibility, amendments, reporting, records keeping)
  • Build and manage effective project partnership
  • Set up a suitable monitoring plan
  • Report on results achieved and related costs incurred
  • Be prepared for an audit

Delivery modality

The course will be delivered through the Virtual Classroom modality. To learn more about this modality, please click on this link.


Training Details

Target group and prerequisites

  • Staff of not-for-profit organisations (not for un agencies and other pillar assessed organisations), professionals who are interested in getting a complete overview on the key rules to follow when managing EU Development Grants.
  • A previous experience / knowledge on access and management of EU funds is suitable.

Number of participants

A minimum number of 8 paid subscription is requested to deliver the training.

A maximum of 25 subscription per session is accepted


3 days (from 10.00 a.m. to 13.30 p.m. CET/CEST)

Fee information


Cost include the access to the training course and all training materials

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