Success Story: How VSO Reshaped Project Implementation through Project DPro

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Are you interested in reimagining how your organization implements projects? Sending staff to Project DPro training helps to strengthen project management skills using standards developed for the international development sector. But once the training finishes, how do you ensure those lessons learned are put into practice during project implementation? How do you go beyond just checking off a training box?

VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) has partnered with Humentum for the last four years to host tailored Project Management for Development Professionals online workshops (Project DPro) complemented with VSO-specific materials.

In this webinar, we will explore how VSO has been able to utilize the training to professionalize their project management methodology and standardize it across the organization, while also shifting organizational practices and providing the infrastructure to support staff. VSO will be sharing 5 tips and tricks for how to go about reshaping project implementation across an entire organization through Project DPro online training.

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