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The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs offers online humanitarian training courses for humanitarian students and practitioners around the world, designed to prepare current and future aid workers with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to humanitarian crises and disasters.

From hurricanes to epidemics, from conflict to climate change, the economic and social impacts of natural and man-made hazards are increasing around the world. Disaster Management is the professional discipline which lessens these impacts by reducing disaster risk. This course will promote understanding of the principal determinants of disasters and provide an evidence-based approach to the interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral frameworks required to efficiently and effectively manage humanitarian disasters. It will cover key concepts in disaster management policy and practice, including hazard risk, vulnerability, resilience and governance through the cycle of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and early recovery. It will also integrate epidemiology, health economics and public administration into the disaster management mix for the first time. Using case studies of recent humanitarian crises, students will have a more complete understanding of the direct and indirect drivers of disaster risk and how they interact, enabling them to think critically about the appropriate allocation and management of resources in times of crisis.

This course will be taught by Professor James Shepherd-Barron

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This course can be taken for 3 academic credits or for no academic credit at a reduced cost. Cost with credit: $1,546 per credit Cost without credit: $915

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Ellen Bratina

International Programs Officer, Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA), Fordham University

Email: miha@fordham.edu