Cash, Commodities, and Services in a Humanitarian Response Online Training Course

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The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs offers online humanitarian training courses for humanitarian students and practitioners around the world, designed to prepare current and future aid workers with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to humanitarian crises and disasters.

For decades, humanitarian assistance was delivered by the supply of commodities and services, often by international humanitarian organizations. More recently, technological advances have made it practical, and cost-effective, to provide humanitarian assistance through cash transfers. This development has both been welcomed as the new way forward and viewed with some suspicion by others who view it as lacking in accountability. This course will examine the roles played by cash transfers, commodities, and services in response to humanitarian crises, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. The course will also examine the mechanisms now in place for the further development and regulation of cash transfers.

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This course can be taken for 3 academic credits or for no academic credit at a reduced cost. Cost with credit: $1,546 per credit Cost without credit: $915

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Ellen Bratina

International Programs Officer, Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA), Fordham University