Online Training on Basic Photography for Peace, Security and Development Monitoring

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Documenting, monitoring and reporting on peace, security and development?

Taking stock in the ongoing debate in the humanitarian and development community about ethical use of photography and images, SDGI Consulting - Sweden has produced an Online Basic Photography for Peace Security and Development Monitoring Training. The training will prepare you for making the best use of photography and your camera as a tool for documenting, monitoring and reporting on humanitarian and development related issues in complex theatres. It will make you comfortable using any advanced photography equipment at your disposal during your deployment.

Is this training for me?

  • This training is for professionals already in the field or who are about to be deployed to any humanitarian, development or monitoring mission.
  • Professionals working with or reporting on human rights, pace building and peace keeping or any humanitarian and development issues.
  • Anybody who wants to become confident in working with any type of camera.

*Note to this update: The BPPSDM Training was delivered as a live online workshop to the European Union Monitoring Mission - Georgia in November 2020. For enquires please feel free to contact SDGI Consulting - Sweden at*

Fee information

The training is now available online for €199 (lower price). The training entails four modules, over 30 online lessons and a training compendium.

In addition, training alumni are invited to partake in continued learning through the training specific online group. Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the training.

How to register

Registration and access to the SDGI training platform only from the Basic Photography for Peace, Security and Development Monitoring page on the SDGI website.