Culture, Context and Hygiene Promotion for COVID-19

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This is a free interactive online module. You will learn the key public health risks related to COVID-19 and how these can be addressed.

About this Event

What does the course cover?

This module presents key considerations for adapting hygiene promotion activities for delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to the cultural and contextual settings of the MENA region. The module uses the project cycle as a means to guide participants through key considerations for COVID-19 appropriate hygiene promotion at each stage, from assessment, to planning for and implementing activities that are adapted to the varied humanitarian and cultural contexts of the region.

Module objectives include:

  • Describe the key public health risks in relation to COVID-19, and the cultural and contextual factors that may increase these
  • Use the project management cycle to plan assessments, activities and monitoring that address key hygiene behaviours and engage communities in this process
  • Adapt approaches and information to contextualise them so that they are relevant to diverse groups in their communities

Who should apply?

The module is designed for those working with communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the MENA region. This includes staff from governments, humanitarian and development organisations, community-based organisations, faith-based organisations, women’s and youth groups.

Where is it hosted?

Our interactive online modules are hosted on Zoom. However, participants are not required to download an app and may join through a browser. Participants will receive instructions on how to join the module after registration.

How to register

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