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The conflict series is an open, self-paced course meant to provide an introduction to conflict studies and more advanced courses in conflictology.


The first of a series of three, this short course explores the meaning of conflict. Drawing upon different definitions and tools, its goal is to create a basic baggage of knowledge, which can then be expanded in further courses in conflict analysis and resolution.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

· Provide a definition of the meaning of conflict;

· Describe the sources, complexity, role and pyramid of actors in conflict.

Content and Structure

The course is composed of six sections:

  • Section 1: Kilmann conflict character type test
  • Section 2: What is the meaning of conflict?
  • Section 3: What are the sources of conflict?
  • Section 4: The complexity of conflict
  • Section 5: Evolution of conflict
  • Section 6: Actors in conflict

The average work time is estimated at 4 hours.

Target Audience

Primary audience: The course is designed for anyone who has an interest and curiosity in conflict studies.

Secondary audience: The course is geared towards anyone who wishes to garner a baggage of basic knowledge to then pursue more advanced courses in conflictology, notably UNITAR’s Master degree in Conflict, Peace and Security.

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