Leadership and Management in International Development

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This course empowers participants to become effective leaders and managers in the international development context. International development work involves multi-stakeholder cooperation and delivery in challenging environments. We designed this course to target governments from developing countries as well as practitioners in the international development community. The course tailors leadership and management training as it pertains to the public service sector and public sector reform. The skill set that needs to be developed includes leadership and decision-making, organizational management, human capital development, navigating through political waters, and effective communications. The case studies are designed to address key issues in international development.


We will offer this course On-Line from August 17 - 28 via 8 live Zoom Videoconferencing sessions.
Each session will last approximately 2-hours and will start at 7:00am Washington DC time (GMT - 4).
The class will be highly interactive and include presentations, case studies, and group exercises.

The Program:

August 17: Know Thyself - Understanding your work style, types, and preference. We will use the Myers - Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

August 18:** Lead Thy Team - Understanding how to work with people of different types to enhance team performance

August 19:** Effective Messaging - Building Your Brand (Who you are) and Campaigning (Setting Priorities)

August 20:** Building Relationships, Culture, and Values

August 24:** Crisis Communications

August 25:** Managing in a Crisis - Turning Around Failing Organizations

August 26:** Leadership and Management Styles and Building Organizations

August 27:** Leadership and Decision Making - Risk Evaluation, and Making Decisions under Time and Political Pressures

Course Outline

Leading Teams and Organizations

  • Developing personal leadership competencies: self awareness; courage; vision; strategic and analytical thinking; learning agility; decisiveness; energy; results driven; credibility; influence; communication

  • Planning for and achieving team and organizational results

  • Building and maintaining relationships

  • Recognizing human potential and delegating appropriately

  • Building diversity

  • Fostering innovation

  • Handling risks, changes, complications and conflicts

  • Cultural adaptation

Managing Teams and Organizations

Team and organizational management skills in respect to change, communication, conflict, constraint, crisis, decision, finances, human resources, information, operations, perception, performance, process, projects and programs, quality, resources, risk, skills, and strategy

Leadership and Management in International Development Work

  • Meeting donor and other key stakeholder requirements

  • Building strong relationships with strategic partners

  • Executing in challenging political environments

  • Working with limited resources

  • Institutionalizing open and participatory communication channels

Course Advisor

Kim Phan is the Executive Director of the International Law Institute, where she oversees all of ILI’s practice areas. Ms. Phan also serves as the Project Director of all ILI projects with various donors and has worked on projects in over 30 countries. Prior to joining ILI, she worked at the U.S. Embassy in Manila/Office of the U.S. Commercial Liaison to the Asian Development Bank where she served as the United States – Asia Environmental Partnership Liaison to the Asian Development Bank. She has a Masters in the Study of Law from Northwestern University Law School and a B.A. from Allegheny College with a focus in Nuclear Warfare Strategy. She teaches a course at the University of California at Irvine Law School. Ms. Phan is the immediate past President of the Board of the Friends of the Law Library of Congress.

Fee information

Tuition is $2245

Special Covid-19 deal - understanding that the ILI advantage is best experienced in-person, we are offering an incredible opportunity during this time: if you attend an ILI online course during 2020, you will receive a scholarship to attend a future, in-person training course of equal value between now and December 2023.

How to register

ILI Online Application - http://ili.org/training/application.html

For more information email info@ili.org