How to Fundraise When Your NGO is Brand New

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Did you just start an NGO and have a difficult time to get funded? Did you apply for grants but were not successful yet? We hear you! Working with grassroots NGOs from all over the world we understand that this is a huge problem!

Being a successful fundraiser is difficult for every NGO as it is. But it is the most difficult for brand-new NGOs since most donors only want to collaborate with organizations that already have a track record of successful collaborations. It resembles job applications: Employers want you to have experience, but to get the experience you need a job, which you don´t get if you don´t have experience – a vicious circle that does not seem to have an end to it.

It is not hopeless though!

In this online course, we will give you an idea of what you have to do to be a successful fundraiser, even if your NGO cannot show a long record of successful cooperations. Don´t give up and learn how to convince donors that you are a reliable partner and deserve to get the grant - even if your NGO is brand-new.

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