Mobile GIS and Mapping using ODK and Kobo Collect Virtual Training

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This course aims at providing a complete field to office mobile mapping workflow to the participants.

Participants shall use their mobile devices (Mobile Phones and GPS) to collect data, load the data into GIS and create maps from data collected.

The course will enable the participants to also edit existing databases in the field and creating new data using field data collection techniques (Kobo and ODK).

Course Outline:


General Introduction to Mobile Data gathering

• Data and types of Data

• Introduction to ODK collect and Kobo Collect

• Data aggregation, storage and dissemination using ODK and Kobo Collect

• Types of questions

Preparing the mobile phone for data collection

• Installing applications: ODK Collect

• Configuring the device (Mobile Phones)

• Uploading the form into the mobile devices (Hands-on Exercise)


Basic Survey Authoring

Intermediate Survey Authoring

Advanced Survey Authoring

• Conditional Survey Branching

• Grouping questions

• Making dynamic calculations

MODULE III: Hosting and Exporting survey data (Online)

Introduction to the server side component of ODK

• ODK Aggregate

• Kobo Toolbox

Hosting Survey Data (Configuring a local server)

• Configuring ODK Aggregate on a local server

• Ona account registration

Downloading data

• Manual download (ODK Briefcase)

• Using the online server interface (

Hands-on Exercise (Practical with a sample questionnaire)


ODK and GIS data conversion

Exporting data to Fusion tables using Hand-on Exercise

Course Summary

Discussion on the Choice of Platform

Considerations for Integrating Mobile Data Gathering Tools into the Project

Fee information

USD 400 to cater for Tuition, Training Manuals, After-Training Support

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